View Full Version : Far Cry Crashes when press start new game => solved

03-05-2016, 02:20 PM
Hi all

this fix worked for me, so maybe it may work for you ?

i will begin with my specs :

I5 6600K (skylake) 3.9GHZ on turbo
Nvidia GTX 980 Strix
16gb DDR4

i downloaded the game from uplay, and also got the latest patch
i updated my GPU driver
when i start the game, i get to the loadingscreen, and after 3sec , far cry just crashes. (far cry primal has stopped working error , but no error code)

ive read couple a fixes wich could work,
i tried to turn off my firewall, no result
ive gone to my nvidia control panel settings and put physX settings to CPU, no result
i also went to uplay settings and verified my game files, => there were corrupted files !
so i repaird them and run far cry again. => works now !!

this might seem stupid. but i has to do something with the direct X ... dont know why excactly

hope this works for you, it worked for me