View Full Version : VIDEO - 120Hz Causing All Kinds of Graphics and Performance Problems

03-04-2016, 06:23 AM
The problem definitely appears to be related to 120Hz displays, and it apparently doesn't matter whether you use 361.91 or 362.00, or if SLI is enabled or disabled. The bottom line is, if you start up the game in 120Hz, you're far more likely to encounter this issue.

A (very tentative and incomplete) workaround I've found is to switch to 60Hz using the Options-->Video menu in-game, go back to the game for a second to let the settings apply, and then switch back to 120Hz right afterwards. The problem isn't consistent, meaning it doesn't always occur when you start the game in 120Hz, but as far as I've been able to tell, it *never* happens when you start the game in 60Hz.

I've noticed something else as well. When playing or starting up the game in 120Hz, all loading screens take a ridiculously long time to finish (~30 seconds). Mind you, I'm running 3 Samsung 850 EVOs in a RAID 0, so that's total horse-dookie. With 60Hz, loading screens disappear 3 times quicker than that, easily..

In addition, the graphics performance at 120Hz is flat-out shἰtty all-around. In 60Hz, my framerate pegs at 60 , whereas in 120Hz, the optimistic average is somewhere around 47.

So in a nutshell, running at 120Hz causes:

All kinds of weird and stupid graphical issues in-game
Ridiculously long loading screens
Shἰtty framerate performance with perceivable SLI frame timing issues (i.e. micro-stutter)

Why should I buy your games as soon they're released when this is all I get for it? Someone needs to fix all of this, like pronto..


03-05-2016, 03:10 AM
I just had someone comment on the YouTube video saying that they're experiencing this too, but only in 60Hz.. :confused: :confused:

That's not been my experience, personally. Regardless, it's obviously relevant and therefore potentially useful to anyone who's attempting to fix the issue..