View Full Version : The bug's i have found so far!

02-19-2016, 02:44 PM
Hello fellow Agents, this is my list over bugs found so far :cool:

- If you run and try and emote, you may be stuck and your char is stuck in one animation, only way to get out is to spam emotes.

- Doors that open towards you, will go trough your whole char. Kinda anoying seing the the door going trough me on these doors. Love details, and cant live with them when they are bugged :p

- Cant sell weapons to vendors sometimes, says its sold, but dont get any cash and the item are still in the bag. Happends sometimes.

- Sometimes get stuck in chests/lamps (Things that cant be moved) in the dz

- When i enter matchmaking for a misson, the graphichs textures are all cluncky, cant read text on walls and the snow and everything are big textures. Goes away after some minutes playing.

Updated : 19.02.16 - 14:39

02-22-2016, 03:17 PM
Bump :) Thanks for the beta!