View Full Version : Several bugs noticed so far...

02-19-2016, 10:35 AM
So during the first portion of the open beta game play here are a few issues I noticed as for Xbox One.

First: It only happened once but when accessing the stash in the "Base of Operations" I happened to glitch through the cache, into the wall.

Second: Whether it was to open the stash or a loot able object, such as a bag or a form of crate, the character will walk back and forth if too close to the object to be opened.

Third: When accessing the menus button for inventory and what not, the transparency of the menu disappears and becomes black, although that doesn't seem like a big deal but if a hostile player in the dark zone or AI decides they wanna tango, could cause a bit of an issue on solo play.

Fourth: Could have been a possible lag/ping issue when playing with a group but noticed that AI sometimes "teleported" during a conflict, not sure if a bug but figured I'd throw it out there.

Since apparently I can't post into the bug forums I'd figured this was where to do it. Other than that in terms of bugs there is nothing else that happened to me and the game is great thus far!