View Full Version : Screen boundaries not lining up?

02-19-2016, 06:28 AM
Is it only happening to me or are some HUD elements edging off screen?

I was looking for a setting to adjust the X-Y boundaries of HUD elements (which usually happens as you boot up a game for the first time nowadays) and the option seems to be non-existant.

Am I missing it? Or did they just leave the option out? If they did, I feel its a very important issue to address.

Also to be more specific, the lower left hand notifications about objectives or players being killed slightly edges of my screen cutting off the first letter or so of the leftmost words/icons.

02-19-2016, 05:34 PM
Yes there are no screen ratio/adjustment options anywhere to be found in the settings of the game.

On my HDTV the division logo at the top that says beta with my username just underneath is too high and cuts off screen, same thing I noticed the logo in the lower right hand corner.

Went into options to adjust but it does not exist. Kind of a basic setting that should be present considering 99% of games ask you to adjust the screen size upon loading the game for the first time.

Various responses from people have said it needs to be adjusted on the TV itself and ratio kept at 1:1 for now. Will try that when I next load the game. But having to change my TV settings to accommodate a game is frankly ridiculous! It should be the other way around.