View Full Version : Minor Issues with world exploration and object interaction

02-19-2016, 04:48 AM
I have only been playing The Division about an hour but so far I am very pleased. The controls are intuitive and I love the RPG/Shooter concept. I have basically been trying to explore as much of the world and get in as much trouble as possible before advancing the story from the first objective. Here are minor issues I have seen so far.

1) When standing "too close" to an object I am trying to interact with my character visually glitches and the interaction fails. I have experienced this 4-5 times with doors and containers in world.

2) I came up on a JTF support objective, it was between 7th and 8th ave on west 29th street. I was exploring the neighborhood and found an electronics shop which I entered from the back ally. The JTF support objective was right outside on the street but the event did not trigger until i walked half way up the block and turned around. The enemies and NPC then spawned around me.

3) in the above mentioned electronics shop, the map continues to show "electronic Parts" in that area but I am confident that I have looted all available cashes/containers.

Since I don't know if the encounters are completely random or generate on nodes its hard to tell if this is an isolated incident but I would suggest checking the encounters to make sure they are triggered from all possible angles of approach. I am a complitionist and explorer so I will likely approach encounters and objectives from non-standard angles frequently.

Is anyone else having issues similar to the ones I have listed above?