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02-14-2016, 10:45 PM
We are currently in the midst of building our site. Our site host is Enjin, its all fairly simple with laid out containers, modules are simple as well its all threw HTML ofc so theres no copy pasting threw Dreamweaver builders. Currently there are just 2 of us who are building upon the site, though with family and very hefty work schedules progress is slow, and with the Open Beta and Launch Day around the corner.
The site is up and fully operational, I would say my request is more of a Designer/Graphics application, such as but not limited to; redoing graphically Headers, Backgrounds, Task Bars, and general organization of containers, modules, and pages.

Please send me a message via this forum if we have Agents who are willing to spend the extra time in making a close knit community grow.

You may also check our site via this http://umbrellacorporation.enjin.com/ link

Umbrella Corporation