View Full Version : PS4 Region Codes and Locks

02-12-2016, 09:30 PM

I am having issues with region locks and beta codes/promo codes.

I recently received a code for the agent gear sets, but when I enter the code into my PS4 it says that the codes are no good or are meant for a different region.

I live on Guam, territory of the US, and my console is registered to the US, as there was no Guam for selection, is there a way that you could change my account to send me codes that are valid for the US? This happened when i bought a pre-order copy from the local gamestop and the code that was given to me for beta had the same issue, so I had to cancel my pre-order and buy a digital copy of the game to get into the beta.

Also switching out and making a new account is also not something i could do, because i am unsure what region guam specifically falls under, and would rather keep my ps4 US registered.

If there is any other work around that you may have, that would be very helpful, but as it stands I need to receive codes for the US region.

Also I submitted a support ticket about 5 days ago and no answer, and the live chat button seems to not exist. Also tried calling customer support but they are always on a (2) hour maintenance.

So came here to see if there is a way to change my country or region to receive codes for US and not whatever country the system thinks im on.