View Full Version : Can't finish match without massive frame rate drops (unplayable)

02-08-2016, 09:53 PM
Whenever I play multiplayer I consistently get around 60 fps, until certain maps or the next round load during a match, and then the frame rate tanks to around 10-20 fps. It will happen same map, just different rounds, with one round working normally and the next round not working. Sometimes the match will start out with the game being broken (10-15fps) and load the second round perfectly fine. I even feel like the same exact situation has loaded properly once and improperly the next time. It makes the game impossible to play as its entirely based on reaction. Here is what I know so far:


I5 4690k
AMD XFX 7970 3gb
16gb ddr3

-When the problem occurs, my CPU utilization gets cut in half
-Nothing is getting too hot (GPU,CPU)
-Newest Crimson Drivers (know that AMD has issues, but have only seen a few to this extent, most are solved or in purgatory)
-My GPU gets 99% utilization the entire time
-Happens no matter the settings (Low-Very High)
-Tried Vsync on/off
-Do not have the ultra texture pack installed
-Tried Fullscreen and Borderless, didn't make a difference (among many other setting tweaks and changes)
-Have not experienced this in any other games

It only happens upon loading a new round/match in which the entire round will be incredibly choppy which leads me to believe its the game.