View Full Version : Possible Gameplay and Map changes.

01-14-2016, 01:13 AM
Just wanted to start a thread where people can post what possible changes(gameplay and map wise) they would like to see in future updates.

Personally, I think that shooting under barricaded doors is almost game breaking, it takes all the strategy out of the game and removes a key component of game play(breaching). Being able to shoot people's feet or body while they are placing a charge on a door is annoying, it reduces the game play to just camping and spraying. While I understand shooting through objects is a viable strategy, maybe making it harder to shoot under or see under barricades would improve game play. Additionally, possibly removing prone would be another good option as it would force more player to rely on using the map layout to there advantage as well as skill with guns. In dim lit areas, if ash goes prone she is almost impossible too see... Go check it out yourself. If anyone else has anything else to add to this comment about prone and barricades please feel free to post. :)