View Full Version : Mythical horses?

01-03-2016, 08:33 AM
I have noticed on the android devices that people have regular horses like Freesian's that have become mythical horses . How does this happen ? Does it happen from experience or do you purchase it ?

02-14-2016, 07:51 PM
In the game there's 3 tiers of horses, tier 1 is the most basic, tier 2 is a step up, and tier 3 is the best the breed can be.
So, if you breed two tier 1 Friesans (which are rare), you have the chance to breed a tier 2 Friesan (elite). Then if you breed two tier 2 Friesans, you will have a chance to get a tier 3 (the mythic ones you have seen). Hope this helps!