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12-24-2015, 10:13 PM
Hi there. My name is Messiah, DarkMessiahXGN on Live. I am currently a squad leader within Xiled Gaming Network. My Squad, The Wolfpack, is considered a Hybrid-Squad. Typically in XGN, as with many communities, squads are formed centered around one game in particular. The Wolfpack, and any squads split from it, are classified as Hybrid because we’ll be tackling all three major Tom Clancy titles by Ubisoft. Right now, we’re just on Siege and will be adding The Division and Ghost Recon as those games are released. I’m posting this here now as sort of a pre-announcement and also a heads up that if you are looking for people to play The Division with and by chance already have Rainbow 6 Siege you qualify to join us now. This squad, and XGN in particular, are unlike other “Clans”. We game because it’s fun, because we like having decent people to roll with who communicate and aren’t complete ******bags. Skill takes a back seat to the community at large. That’s not to say we don’t all have a competitive side. We’re actually putting together a Siege MLG team right now. Point is though. XGN is all about just having fun with your fellow gamers.

Anyway, back to The Division:

I’m asking if anyone interested please message me either here on the forums, post a reply, message me on Live or Kik (DarkMessiahXGN) or email me at DarkMessiah6x3@gmail.com. When the Beta comes out I’ll personally be looking for people to Squad up with and get to know better and I want to use it as a meet and greet with anyone interested in XGN so they can ask questions and I can get to know you as well. Then, if things work out and you’re interested, we can get you actually signed up and in the Squad.

Let me know if you’re interested!


12-25-2015, 12:35 AM
The thought of Siege even making it to MLG amuses me, at this point. xD

I wish it had been playable. But then, if wishes were pennies, I'd be rich, eh?

01-02-2016, 01:38 AM
yo! what time zone are you guys in primarily? im a west coast guy. id love to get more info, do you guys have a web site? send me a message here or on live GT: dagunslinger19