View Full Version : EU Based Synstick.com are recruiting

12-23-2015, 04:28 PM
Getting ready for the BETA!

At Synstick.com we pride ourselves on a friendly community atmosphere bringing together a mature player base to enjoy games at both a casual and competitive level. Primarily recruiting through the games we play such as Rainbow Six: Siege and League of Legends we have every intention of gathering a strong group together to move into The Division, below are a list of our member requirements;

Must be of the age 18 and over,
Must have access to a Mic + Teamspeak software,
Must have a solid grasp of the English language,
Preferably be willing to participate in recording and streaming,

All folks who meet this criteria and wish to join may apply via Synstick.com and after a 2 week vetting period should they meet the mature and social level we expect from our members you'll be invited full time into the ranks of our community! The benefits of passing the trail will allow you to join our ranked teams, participate in our in-house tournaments and challenges in which you can win yourself steam credit, free game titles and more! We look forward to hearing from you guys!

If you wish to hear more about our ranking structure or anything else about Synstick let me know! - Helix

12-23-2015, 04:33 PM
As a long time member of Synstick and part of the mod team, I welcome you all to join us in playing games to pass the time till Division launches and once it does, let's do some dark zone hunting eh? What ya say?

01-02-2016, 03:39 AM
hey guys i only just found out about the game but i am definetly buying it. im so excited now lol. i will be looking for a clan for when the game starts. where in eu are ye guys from? what games are ye playing right now? :)

01-02-2016, 02:06 PM
Hey man! We're from UK mostly but a few from everywhere even a couple of Americans! We're playing Rainbow Six right now and League of Legends, trying to get our team work sorted out lol!