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12-21-2015, 03:11 AM
Rainbow Six.
Experts in close quarters battle and hostage rescue.
Assembled from Special Forces teams around the world.
The Counter Terrorism Units.
These are the elite Asian Operators.

Jangul uses the RF-81/R Klystron Transmitter that sends a universal signal to all nearby devices - and sets them off.
Why disarm a bomb when you can just give the enemy a taste of their own medicine.

Using an ancient throwing axe with a modern twist, Kapak takes out his prey efficiently and silently.
Even outside of the jungle environment, this versatile weapon serves its purpose as simple as an extension of the arm.

Nothing escapes the attention of Focus, with his light field cameras mounted at every angle to capture enemy movements.
Most don't even get to see the muzzle of his gun before its too late.

Tian takes to the skies with her MAV Ladybird X, tracking enemy positions before they even breach and clear.
Just be careful not to fly it too far away, playing games is best done where it's safe and sound.

To strike down the enemy before they are even a threat, that's the way of the GGK.
GGK: Fast And Agile

Thanks for reading, this is just me letting out my creative impulses. If you like my ideas, reply below and I'll add to them further.
DISCLAIMER: This was NOT AT ALL meant to offend through ethnic and national stereotypes. If you question the overly diverse group, it's because no single counter terrorism group from one country is significant enough that I can create four operators for them.