View Full Version : joʊmən recruting

Jeff Vader DBT
12-15-2015, 02:23 PM
Prenounced "Yeomen" in oldè english or "Yomen" (phonetically) to make it easier for anyone interested,

We are not interested in playing as bandits or rogues lest our hand be forced by trolls,

We will be operating in the darkzone maybe hunting & looting rogues but will defiantly be looting and attempting to do what we can to help out other players (non rogues) extract there loot

We are interested in a bit of RPing and are not soldiers or civilians but mearly well trained & well equipped survivors

Add me, prove your worth, earn my trust we shall see who makes the cut

Mic is essential as is the ability to follow instructions & R.O.E

My GT is the same as my user name on here I'm on XB1 & I look forward to seeing you all in manhattan