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o0 The Antihero
12-14-2015, 05:49 PM
You played the Alpha and are hooked, right? But, getting deuced by squads of Rogues in the DZ and getting your loot, well....looted sucks huh? Like playing the missions with some co-op realism? Got a mic and a good attitude? The Urban Irregulars is recruiting. We will be accepting requests and only have a few rules:

RULE 1 - No KOS/Premeditated PK (But we will have themed nights as Rogues to a corrupt Division and of course, defending teammates who become rogue inadvertently or revenge killing griefers not currently in rogue status)

RULE 2 - No team killing unless a member of your squad continues breaking rule 1.

RULE 3 - Every effort will be made by our members to defend lone wolves not breaking rules 1 or 2 at every opportunity. This is good for recruitment and encourages solo players' positive experience in the DZ.

RULE 4 - Be respectful of command and your squadmates. "We're not all special snowflakes."

RULE 5 - Share the loot.

RULE 6 - Just kidding, 5 rules are enough.

Urban Irregulars are the guys the guys call when they need THE guys. We are the good guys, just not Mother-frickin-Theresa. PM for add. Diversity is encouraged to reflect the realism of our environment. Have a cool gamer tag and attitude. Current/Former military, fire and police will be given preference.

Unit Commander - o0 The Antihero

Former Military and Urban Firefighter/Medic with specialized training in WMD/Hazmat/BioTerrorism response and tactics

Urban building construction

Mechanical/Electrical systems expert

Gamer for 30+ years (mostly RPG/Shooter and Post-apocalyptic genre games)

12-19-2015, 12:27 AM
So what's the time frame? EST GMT what?

o0 The Antihero
01-03-2016, 04:05 AM
Any time. We have members from 8 different countries and all over the US.