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12-10-2015, 04:03 AM
ProfileID (can be seen in the game options): I deleted the app
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Device Model: Iphone 6 IOS 9.2
Language: Espaņol
Country: Mexico
Describe your problem as clearly as possible:

I played the game until adventure 3, the purple egg, when I try to put it in the incubator an error appears and say something about not having internet connection.
I deleted and reinstall and re play and the same (I did this like 3 times) with the female character.
I install the app in my boyfriend's phone (iphone 6 too) and I choose the Rayman character and no error! also I noticed that more things happen in his game (like another "monster" hidden in a bush, and i think more gems...) I put the purple egg in the incubator fine.
So I decide to give another chance in my phone, reinstall and chose the Rayman character (maybe a character bug??...) and.... same error again when trying to put the purple egg, and no hidden monster... so, I don't know why in my phone doesn't work and in my boyfriend's is fine. (we use the same account!)