View Full Version : The Worst Christmas Ever - R6:S

12-09-2015, 08:19 PM
Hi there!

My screen name is Akane Tsuzura, and towards the start of the new year we will be doing a fun holiday stream known as "The Worst Christmas Ever," and I plan to play Rainbow Six: Siege with a couple of my friends! This game is damn awesome, granted tick rates and aimbotting are slowly wearing me down. But, that doesn't stop the game from being any fun. I made a video that I would like you all to check out, and give feedback on for the stream! I posted this over at the Rainbow Six Subreddit and it seemed popular, so I thought I would try my luck here!


The event is a while away yet, and this surprised me with how well received it was, so naturally I want to make it better! The biggest pick-ups from reddit were the use of Fade/White over Fade/Black, and the inclusion of a Rainbow Six: Siege icon at the end. What do you all think? Feedback is much appreciated!