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11-25-2015, 03:21 PM
Now, I'm in my coutch with a cigarette, a coffee and my laptop. Reflecting over the past year that I've been playing Assassins Creed as a genuine fan.
I've played trough allmost (1 left) all of the games in this year (and some of theme before).
And I came with an interesting theory on where the next games could be and what can happen in the storyline.
I will add links to youtube video's and links to prove my facts.
And I want to excuse myself now for my (sometimes) f***ing terrible English, but I'm from Belgium.

We've got;
-AC Brotherhood
-AC Revelations
-AC 3
These are all from the "Desmond Cycle" as told by Marc-Alexis Cote.
In this cycle the main achievement was ORIGINALLY for Desmond to learn all of the abilities from his anchestors, to win the battle against the templars.
(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCaEk1tdBD8 - Nerdgasms at 1:03)
Eventually they've blocked that idea and made Desmond sacrifice himself to save the world and release Juno.

Since Black Flag they've started a new Cycle, I like to call it the "Sage Cycle".
In this cycle we will focus more on the first civilization and Juno.
This is pretty noticeable in Black Flag, because Edward is searching desperately for the sage.
In unity we're losing it a bit, there isn't a lot of attention putted in the sages, for only the villian Germain is one. And project Phoenix are memories based on DNA of John "From I.T." Standish.
And at the end of Unity's DLC "Dead Kings" when Arno gives an apple of eden to a man driving a carriage, you can see the man is also a sage.
(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7huBIjs3f-4 - Start watching at 14:20)
Arno ordered him to go to Ca´ro, but the fact that he's a sage can result in many thing. The apple could really reach Al Mualim in Ca´ro. But the sage could reach Egypt but got cought by Templars. Or he wouldn't even get to Egypt at all. Alltough, he knows what Arno did to Germain.
There are other threads that lead to Egypt. Not long after the French Revolution, Napoleon Bonaparte went on expedition in Egypt.
And sage DNA is used as a key for some things. Templars are searching for a well conserved sage body. Where are you going to find a well conserved body? Yes indeed, EGYPT!
So now we know EGYPT is a possible location for one of the next AC games.

One of the most predicted locations for one of the next AC games is Japan.
And the chance is really big that it will eventually come.
First, the concept is allready made up. (Google "Assassins Creed Rising Sun" for images.)
Second, there were hints in the Abstergo Industries lobby in Blag Flag, refering to Unity and Syndicate before they released as well. (http://vrworld.com/2015/01/29/report-assassins-creed-to-be-set-in-japan-for-2016/)
Third, every single location that have been refered to in an AC in-game conversation was already visited or would be visited in a game later on. In Syndicate at the station there is an NPC paperboy who is shouting that Japan is at war.
So now, also JAPAN is a possibility.
The only question here is, how can they place it in the storyline and how can they involve the Sage Cycle in it? But here I will return on shortly.

So now, I've saved the best for last. Some might know, some might not. But Desmond has a son!
And the best part is, Desmond's son is a sage! So he is an assassin with the same anchestors as Desmond AND the memories of all the sages before him.
He's born in 2005, so he's about 10 years old now and his mother brought him to an Abstergo clinic in NY. The templars have the advantage to get to him, but because he's 10 they have to ask his mother to do "expiriments" on him. So there's a chance that the Assassins can get to him before the Templars do. If the Assassins are first, they can train him. Hoping he has inherited the same gifts as Desmond has trough his anchestors.
But it's not sure if it's Desmonds son or William's.
If it's truely Desmonds son there is the chance that he has the same gifts. If not, we can expect some games where Desmond's son goes in the animus to experience other adventures with our beloved Assassins, Alta´r, Ezio, Edward, Connor and Haytham, who was an assassin once.
This way we could get a THIRD CYCLE, wich wil possibly be the last. And this cycle will fixate on winning the fight against the templars with our Sage-Super-Mega-Assassin.
(Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PfqydiUlgiQ OR http://assassinscreed.wikia.com/wiki/Desmond_Miles%27_son)

11-25-2015, 07:46 PM
I was a bit alarmed to hear the survey (which I didn't see personally) contained a question about whether the customers would be interested in an AC set in the future. At first, that seemed like a horrible idea: like that concept art of Assassins in Mass Effect-style armour with laser blades. I never liked that idea, partly because I find that kind of sci-fi corny but also because it takes the tension out of a struggle over the future of the world if you know the fight's still going on long after "today". But, given the plot from the Syndicate Helix Glitches about Desmond's son, maybe they didn't mean "centuries forward from now", and they were thinking more conservatively: maybe 8-10 years from now, when Desmond's son would be 18-20 years old, so we don't have to wait for the true date to be current.

That way, "the future" is only thematic and does not require a radical imaginative leap. It'll be just like 2015 with minor changes (or maybe none at all), and when the real world's 2025 rolls around it'll still feel right.

11-25-2015, 08:53 PM
Interesting theories, but I have heard some of them before. The theory about Desmond's son is really interesting and I would love if the franchise did take that direction, because the modern-day story right now is bad. Like I said before, I think and hope that the next AC will have a setting in Japan.