View Full Version : BUG - Project: But I wont fail (step 2 of 6) - Viridian Coves - stalled assignment

11-22-2015, 02:49 PM
I am doing the Project: But I wont fail (step 2 of 6) - Viridian Coves
Task - Collect 120 Titanium, deliver to Anthony Goodwins ship.

I used a trade route from my lunar colony to pump titanium to Viridian Coves, collected the package with my boat and headed back to Anthony Goodwins ship to hand over.
During this time i went to the map and then to the lunar colony to stop the manufacture and cancel the titanium route whilst my ship was on route to Goodwins ship.
Once i then returned to Viridians coves to see the end of the second part the ship was just sitting there and i was not able to get the icon to hand over the goods. The mission record shows a tick only for the first part of collecting 120 titanium. When moving the cursor over Anthonys ship is says "use vehicle to submit assignment" but no icon change and therefore the mission is stuck for me. I am unable to progress or complete the mission

Any suggestions?