View Full Version : Already Bored with Outfits, Colors, Crafting etc

11-14-2015, 12:39 PM
I know some may not have liked Unity's Outfit setup, but I liked it much better than the hardly any options for outfits in Syndicate.Except the items placed behind the wall of co-op play. The hood thing is a pain and kinda stupid looking. If you were not going to use the hood all the time, he should either wear nothing on his head or the newsie kind of hat in his initial outfit. And as others have mentioned, where is Westhouse's outfit? Someone mentioned Unity's outfit color choices were dull... umm, bright yellow and orange etc are not dull. BUT, they were kinda of crazy choices. Not sure who picks the colors but maybe revisit this. In Syndicate, not the greatest color sets.Crafting isn't very engaging...I might have well just been able to walk into a shop and buy the stuff at certain prices. More outfit choices would have really been good... seriously.

And two side notes:
- Why did you ever stop Evie/Jacob at the edge of buildings if they wanted to jump to other buildings at times? Unity allowed no halt. This felt more like parkour. I had the choice to make the jump or not... if I sucked at the jump, I died. If you were skilled enough and were confident to make the jump you could and land it. Some buildings are close enough to make such jumps but usually the game halts me and I have to use the grappling hook or run down the building. You took away some freedom in somethings in Unity and made it more linear... sad and dull.

- Not sure if I'm missing this, but it would be great to allow me to send my gang on missions like Brotherhood. Right now, when they join me on a mission or something they have a tendency to get into fights I'm not sending them on. This sucks when I'm sneaking into someplace and I'm on a building and they are on the ground, or I'm just sneaking... they should just fall back more. Like if I put on my hood/sneaking they hang back without me having to tell them. Also, the hand to hand combat with some love, I just find rather uneventful because it's just always beating someone up and gets a bit too repetitive for me.

Yes Syndicate has good things... so did Unity. Syndicate was a safe bet... Unity was an ambitious leap. I look forward to the next AC being a combination of both please. Maybe instead of having new groups always tackling the next AC compared to the last one... maybe you could have the current group work on the next one or two so continuity in game play etc is consistent.

11-14-2015, 09:38 PM
Well, I'll tell you one thing: I'm currently playing Syndicate while thinking about Unity and just wanting to go back and replay it instead. I think that says it all.