View Full Version : First Text ID added then uplay wont start unrecoverable error ....

11-13-2015, 12:30 AM
Hello people, i really love the anno series but i really hate uplay and all those online clients you have to accept to play those normally nice games.

I installed the game yesterday first it worked fine.....then after a while the languege changed to spanish i tried to change the languges and was suddenly trying to decipher tschech language although i clicked german then i tried english and the text in english, too and on screen i was hearing german language and seeing english text .

Today starting the game there was an update laodaing and saying something about Text ID Number 117360 added and all words in the game were replaced by: TeextID "117360" and other different numbers so i couldnīt read any of the game features anymore ....

trying to start the game anew i had to realize uplay had problems loading and saying something about unrecoverable error upay has to shut down ....???

ahhhhhhh why itīs so hard to make a nice game you can play offline and you are not having to deal with this online platform problems....

I would appreciate some help to this problem as i would love to play the game but i have to say that those platform make my nerves go crazy instead of adding any surplus to my fun playing a game........:-(

11-13-2015, 08:37 PM

That sounds frustrating -- sorry you're running into that with the languages. Our support team would love to assist you. Feel free to contact them via Facebook or Twitter (see links in my signature below) or directly through support.ubi.com. Hopefully this helps!