View Full Version : Why Are Old Glitches Still In Assassin's Creed Games?

NeoMorph WTH
11-02-2015, 02:40 PM
I think this series is just there to make more and more glitches as each version is released... because they sure as hell haven't fixed one of the CORE gameplay glitches that affects gameplay a lot.

You can be just standing there with you back to someone, doing sod all... AND THEY GET ANNOYED WITH YOU AND START A FIGHT.

I mean WHY THE HELL (and yes, I know I am shouting because this just pees me off something awful). I was just hidden in a crown, out of sight of the policeman and suddenly he spins round and starts after my character. Now as this was the middle of this mission and I had almost finished I was totally peed off and threw my controller across the room.

1. Line of sight.
2. Don't aggro an NPC if the player character has done nothing wrong.
3. If your character is not in the cone of vision then they should not be seen and should not affect the NPC.
4. If another NPC cries out something like "THAT'S THE LEADER OF THE ROOKS" then yes, that would have been fair.... but nothing of the sort happened. It was just like the NPC went "BEEP BOOP... ENGAGE *** CAMERA. BEEP BEEP... ENEMY, RADAR DETECTS ENEMY... BOOP BEEP... PROCEED TO CHASE... BOOP BOOP... ATTACK FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER".

I'm sick of it... If this pain in the *** gaming mechanic would be fixed then the AC game would be 100% more immersive. but I think I first saw this in AC2. AND IT JUST DOESN'T GET FIXED. Does Ubi think this is a good mechanic and so leaves it in? If so then I think this is finally the last AC I will be buying because I'm just fed up with it ruining missions for no reason. Hell I've tried doing this one mission seven times (not going to spoiler it) and here are the reasons.

Enemy saw me (even though I was supposedly hidden in a crowd).
*** radar policeman attacked for no reason causing mission to end.
Associate vanished. Found him glitched half way up a wall going up and down lol.
*** radar again.
My fault this time (I tried to rush as I was getting frustrated).
NPC Horse and Carrage came out of nowhere and killed ally by running over him repeatedly (must admit I did laugh but then I realised I had to start again and groaned).
*** radar AGAIN. Controller thrown in anger
Edit: Oh god... this mission is SO BUGGY. Started it again and the police attacked and killed all my targets and now the mission is stuck with my Associate just standing there and the crowd have all ran off.

This was a Karl Marx mission by the way. It's the way the policemen do the old T-1000 thing where they can be facing one way and then are suddenly facing the other that really annoys the hell out of me. Shoddy programming or is it a weakness in the game engine?

I generally like AC... but so many times you have to abuse the engine to beat the missions really annoys the heck out of me.

Edit: AssAssAssAssins Creed. With more built in A S S. The cops seem to have read my post because they have now killed all my enemies for me... and STILL glitched the mission.

The mission is question is Vox Populi - FINALLY finished it on the 10th attempt. Still glitched out but the game decided it worked good enough to trigger the final cutscene.

Pr0metheus 1962
11-02-2015, 03:58 PM
I just wish they would fix the vendors - they always act as if you haven't bought anything even when you have. If they can't have the dialog vary based on whether you've bought something or not, how hard could it be to just record dialogue where they just thank you for stopping by or something noncommittal? It just takes me out of the game when I've just bought a whole lot of ammo and the seller says something like "Maybe next time". I mean, it's fricken stupid that no one has fixed this in years, despite the fact that they've recorded new shopkeeper dialogue for basically every single game.

NeoMorph WTH
11-02-2015, 09:14 PM
I know... another bit of lazyness on behalf of Ubi. All they would need to do is check whether your cash has dropped after you visit the vendor and you have bought something... and trigger the right audio. But nope... can't be bothered. Too interested in churning out the new crap to fix something that has existed for several versions now.

Like I said... this will be my last AC. Even though I like the game... if they can't be arrrrsed to fix old, old bugs then I can't be arrrrrrsed to buy the game from now on. I'll just watch the cutscenes from the story on Youtube.

11-02-2015, 10:17 PM
old glitches , OMG , i have a camera icon i cannot retrieve (#18) , so this is a waste of 90 quid for me , i have reinstalled and tryed it on my other xb1 , i give up.
walking of buildings randomly (3 times) just walked of to a desync wtf.
getting spotted like the OP says
wall humping/turning around when trying to get down slowly ,
when i went to the game shop to buy this ,the guy behind the counter says he saw a ''dev'' video and the ''dev'' says'' that they didn't bother with multiplayer so they could focus on gameplay'' Thats the biggest load of manure i have ever heard . same manure diffrent ac . I will just wait on the games being released at sale prices from now on , I don't pay for frustration i pay to play the game . enuffs enuf. if this was an electrical appliance it would be returned to the shop .completed as best as i can be bothered to after the number18 disapeared my heart sank , no more collecters editions for me ....sooooooooo disapointed.