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10-30-2015, 02:45 PM
Task Force 88 is a FAMILY-FRIENDLY NON-COMPETITIVE PS4 Tom Clancy gaming clan that plays for FUN and the love of gaming…since it is just a game. Task Force 88 is dedicated to playing Tom Clancy military/tactical CO-OP shooters: The Division, Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon Wildlands with team/tactical gameplay and fun being the focus, so no Call of Duty or Battlefield here!

Task Force 88 has 6 very simple and important principles:

(1) Being a family-friendly NON-COMPETITIVE PS4 gaming clan that plays for fun and the love of gaming…since it is just a game;

(2) Supporting, demonstrating/promoting, encouraging and upholding the core values of: Esprit de corps (Solidarity, Camaraderie, Loyalty, and Honor), Integrity, Fun and Fair play; this strengthens points 3, 4 and 5…

(3) Having a fun time in a friendly, respectful and relaxed gaming atmosphere FREE from pressure of: Winning, Kill-Death Ratios, Judgment, Trash Talking, Potty mouths, Cyberbullying and Cheating;

(4) Developing a strong close family-gaming community where TF88 Members: Get to know each other, feel they belong, have camaraderie, and support, encourage and help one another no matter the skill level;

(5) Supporting, demonstrating/promoting and encouraging good team: Spirit, Sportsmanship, Communication, Gameplay and Tactics;

(6) Dedicating to play, support and promote Tom Clancy military/tactical CO-OP shooters: The Division, Rainbow Six Siege and Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Also we also believe in sitting back, relaxing and playing other CO-OP shooters that are not of Tom Clancy to have variety and to take a break from the tension of playing Tom Clancy military/tactical games we play. Also, Task Force 88 is a perfect place for gamers who are: new to the PS4 world of gaming, never have been in a PS4 gaming clan before or not the most skilled player. There are no clan try outs to join Task Force 88 . Let’s face it Task Force 88 is about having fun, belonging to a strong close family-gaming community and having esprit de corps – Loyalty, Solidarity, Camaraderie and Honor of its members.

Currently the Task Force 88 has close to 25 TF88 Members with average age being 35 with some of our TF88 Members having former/current military service. Our TF88 Members are fun guys who have a passion for gaming and for Task Force 88, and are always on the lookout for good TF88 Members who are fun, friendly, respectful, reliable, and are good sportsman, and who want to belong to a gaming clan that offers something different.

Task Force 88’s clan name is based on a real life tier-one Special Forces (anti-terrorism) joint-operation task force created after 9/11. The task force was made up of tier-one operators from Delta Force, Seal Team 6 (DEVGRU), SAS, SBS and CIA's elite Special Activities Division (SAD).

"fide et honore supra omnes - Loyalty and Honor above all".....Ready to try something different.....Join TF88! www.taskforce88.org (http://www.taskforce88.org)