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10-28-2015, 01:21 PM
OH UBIsoft what are you doing in the world i just don't get it.
when i do all the missions in syndicate to trigger a gang fight i get a symbol on the map where i must go for the gang fight. but right afther that the game is putting me in a fight with the gang leader??????

No tutorial on this or what so every. only 1 mission on the start of the game and even no clear info on it.
also i find it double thing. first a place on the map to fight then instant in a fight with the gang leader.

also stupid you have a cutscene with someone. afther that you are ingame and the person is talking about the mission and give you tips.
this is so unclear sometimes. make it in the cutscene clear that he is giving you info, not when you can go and walk around and do what you want. or make it so you can't move until the person is done speaking.

Also good thing that eagle vision can't see true wall from the start. i will wait when i upgrade it. its so stupid that some gamers can't play slower and must have a option to see true walls so they don't rush in a templat or something. NO next game eagle vision like Ezio has and its good.
in the 90's the made games not easy so everyone could play them. if you can't play a game there are 2 options. Quit the game or get better. But not asking to make the game easyer because some gamers can't play it or don't get the High and Low Profile in there head from the old AC games.

10-28-2015, 02:13 PM
You sure you posted this in the right section?...

Not sure how to help in this case as it seems more like a list of complaints than an asking for help...

What's confusing about the gang leader fight?...There's an enemy - kill it!!...Any questions?...

I think this is more of a rant thing, really...

10-28-2015, 03:22 PM
Yeah you have to defeat the gangleader in order to clear the gang out. Is that what you're asking?

11-01-2015, 08:56 PM
Just completed the gang hideout (Or whatever it's called) mission and the gang leader didn't show up? Not sure weather it's a glitch or not, but it's the Octavia Plumb one. Plus 2 others I've done both times the gang leaders ran off, must have been an hour or so ago, and they still haven't come back. Very annoying to say the least especially as I can't continue the main story line until I've completed 3 boroughs.