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10-15-2015, 11:54 AM
Hi. Before i lay out my idea let me give a few reasons for the need of it.

When playing similar games (arenas, battlegrounds) i always find myself getting bored, because of their lack of progression. Not character progression mind you, but world progression. Because the whole game is you playing in arena matches over and over again you start feeling like all you do is going back in time so to speak and rehashing the same battles and having slightly different outcomes.

What's needed is progression through time. Something that would make you feel like you are moving forward in some way while playing those matches on 5 or 6 maps over and over again.

So here is where the Annexation Mode comes in. The Annexation Mode would be playable over the course of weeks or months (until a King or Emperor or Jarl is crowned). The way it works is, first a group of 4 friends (or more) form a guild or a shogunate or whatever hierarchical structure is viable. A separate tab with a hexagonal grid opens up showing all of the guilds that are vying for influence. Each hexagon consists of 5 layers, with the 5th being the home base of the guild. As 2 teams fight, the winner annexes one layer. If a layer has been annexed by another guild, then they just annex the next one, until a guild is left with only the 5th one which is their main base. When the 5th one is annexed, the loosing guild joins the winning one and becomes part of their guild. The guild leader and members of the loosing guild become just members of the guild that annexed them (certain levels of ranks can be made up, depending on when during the season you've been annexed, showing how much you've lasted before you were annexed).

As the season progresses certain guilds will grow a lot, annexing other guilds, until only a few huge ones remain. At the end of the season (season length to be decided) the guild with most influence is crowned victor, with the guild leader of the original guild becoming king (or whatever other title) and his original guild members taking up certain high level positions. Rewards can be given out to the victors (in the form of whatever perks the game offers) and then the next season begins.

So for an example if you look at the picture provided. Team A matches up against Teams B and wins. Team A takes over one of the Team B's control layers which turns from green to black. Now Team A has one extra layer in team B's hexagon. If Team D challenges Team A and wins they will in turn win over Team B's black layer since that was the closest layer of influence that Team A had next to Team D. This sort of "annexation" continues until one team looses all of their layers. So for instance Teams D keeps taking Team A's layers, but just when they are left with only their main base, Team B matches against them and wins. Team D keeps all the layers they've won from Team A, but the actual guild gets annexed by team B and joins their ranks with Team B getting only the main base layer. Depending on whether there will be an in-game chat system and guild lobby, Team A now joins Team B's lobby and the war continues. This keeps on going until either one guild annexes everyone or the season time limit is reached.

https://farm1.staticflickr.com/740/21565904174_8c50b0f509_b.jpg (https://flic.kr/p/yRGTY3)

If the Annexation tab if designed nicely, it can show an evolving and constantly changing overview of the participating guilds' influences. People going there could check how their guild is doing compared to others, which zones are under their "thumb" and overall give a sense of progression through time within the game world. The guilds that have been annexed don't have to give up, since they are still in the fight, just under someone else's rule and slightly different priorities. This way doing battles on the same maps over and over again won't just instill you with a sense of repetition, but it would give you a sense of either taking over an enemy's zone of influence or maybe defending your last and precious main base/castle. Psychologically it gives you something to look forward to, something to defend and give your all in each battle.

So basically that's it more or less. I'm sure i am forgetting something, because i thought this up last night while falling asleep and the ideas were just rushing in. Also i don't know anything about the game other than the one or two videos i've seen, maybe they will have a similar mode and then i'll be the happiest camper ever, but i just thought i'd throw this in. Can't hurt right? :)

10-15-2015, 04:03 PM
You put some thought into that i just hope the community stick with this game. Ive been wanting a game that has the competitive shooter outlet but is medieval style

10-15-2015, 04:18 PM
You put some thought into that i just hope the community stick with this game. Ive been wanting a game that has the competitive shooter outlet but is medieval style

I feel like if they put enough modes in that are more than 4v4 then the game will last. Also I feel on open alpha the community will gain a ton of members.

10-27-2015, 05:24 PM
That is a great idea !!
Hope they'll go for it.
There should be definatly options to earn reputation for your clan (and of course options to form clans). Everything else would be a waste of the hughe social potential.