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10-05-2015, 06:59 PM
**Dimension Portals-If you just leave a hero in them when someone tries to use it, it says its blocked, instead of attacking the Hero that's in it. I'm able to block of access to my land till i'm ready by doing this.
**AI has a hard time using Underground gates.
**When I save a Map I made into the maps to be played it makes the game extremely laggy. Loading takes 20x's longer. I delete it and problems are gone..
**NO ONE CAN LEARN GM LUCK. On the website it says that the rangers should be able to learn it but they don't in the game. https://mmh7.ubi.com/en/factions/sylvan/class/ranger
**If you get resources before the resource counter puts them into your stock they just disappear. I gathered up some resources too fast and All I got was the money from the chest. I loaded and did each one till the counter was done and I got them all.
**In Siege battles the Song only plays once, and they are usually the longest battles so that does not make any sense. Its a great song too :D
**AI does NOT use siege walls to their advantage. They just rush all their units out. Not even challenging.
**Music bugs out upon a save/load

10-05-2015, 07:07 PM
**The AI ALWAYS chooses the same Champion Creature.
-Academy-Arcane Eagles
-Sylvan-Green Dragon
-Necropolis-Bone Dragon

Has Anyone Seen the AI choose a different champion creature in skirmish maps? If so do you know what Hero they had, I think that may have something to do with it.

10-05-2015, 09:39 PM
**AI does not purchase War Machines. Even when they have leveled the skill up to max, completely useless for them..
**Unit Passive Damage not showing up in damage tooltip. i.e. Cavalier Charge, the damage in the tool tip does not increase when you do different distances. It reflects in the damage, but this needs to be shown to us for strategic purposes.
**Behemoth Leaping Animation is completely broken and looks very cheap.
**Elemental Stockpile does not play battle music. Just music form terrain.
**Adventure Map objects reward you with double rewards.
**Scroll last forever and are cast at maximum power. They should only last once and hero should depend power.

10-05-2015, 11:25 PM
**FIX LIFE DRAIN ABILITIES. Hydra and Vampires are missing their best ability.

10-06-2015, 01:46 AM
**Lightning Burst with Air Knowledge 1 now only damages your units instead of enemies. Brilliant.
**Lightning Bolt with Air Knowledge II does not hit surrounding units like its suppose to.
**Storm Arrows NEEDS to be nerfed. We've been saying this since CB1.
**Inner Fire needs to be Nerfed as well. The attack bonus to these is way too much.

10-06-2015, 06:04 AM
**Map Dungeons and Minions--The underground gate in the middle of the map that leads to the good loot and dragon utopia is guarded by a champion stack, however you can get past them and use the gate without fighting, it needs to be closer. Also all the creatures in that area join you, not sure if this is intended, but its way cheap and shouldn't be that way.
**Moon Weeks--Week of Might and Magic and Week of Magic, the buff that reduces spell cost stays the whole game. I was casting chain lightning for 8 Mana.
**Stronghold Idol of Fertility is OP, that would make a good Grail power. If it took it from NEXT weeks units that would be more balanced, but no double growth every week. 2 Champs a week is twice as much as anyone else.

10-08-2015, 07:21 PM
**Necromancy is Bugged Major--Tower of Necromancy Keeps on duplicating its bonus. 300% Necromancy is game breaking.