View Full Version : [Bug] Rendering an unit unattackable by running into it

10-04-2015, 10:12 PM
This happened when some minotaurs I had charged two groups of the upgraded necropolis spiders.

1. Before the charge


MM = My Minotaurs, S1 and S2 = The spiderpacks, both units (Minotaur and Spider) take up four mapsquares each.

2. After the charge, the minotaurs moving to attack S2

M1 = The Minotaur is standing with his frontal map squares inside the frontal mapsquares of Spider S1

This rendered S2 unattackable. I didn't have a AoE spell to try but I couldn't attack it using spells, hero attack or units. Moving the minotaurs out of the spiders had no effect. I tried activating autocombat but that did nothing too.

I can't send an savegame because a) I had to quit combat as the Spider didn't seem to be able to move and thus also couldn't kill me and b) My savegames for this map turn out to suffer from the crash bug.