View Full Version : Decieve the old fan base.

09-05-2015, 08:07 PM
Ubisoft is riding on the wave of the Turn Based Strategy game, which is born with Heroes 2, and obviously doesn t care about mechanics.

I m pointing these 2 none sense directives of UBISOFT : Arcane Knowledge and Flanking.

First, Arcane Knowledge is coming from the Migth and Magic Series which has 7 school of magic but this implementation has no relation with RPG Dungeon crawler (and Turn Based Strategy). This divide of magic schools doesn t fit with the developpement of a magic hero, so UBISOFT answer with a makeshift-job adding to the game more complexity.. Arcane knowledge is born from Lore constraints..
For a best model, you can check Heroes 4, the illegimate one which have the best magic system.

Second, The flanking system is coming from Heroes Online, which is a free to play. A none sense mechanics too. Which is doing the contrary of mind RPG games (to claim their uniqueness ?) - the result is poorly annoying and add nothing to the gameplay. All the fan base of this free to play has to be retained that s why the mechanics is present again.

You re currently trying to please the newest fan base, which are probably a best target and decieve the rest of us, which can t express themselves with one voice.

09-05-2015, 08:41 PM
why so negative?

the Magic System isnt bad in my opionion, it's just fine and balanced and has some random Input

flanking will be a cool Addition if they fix the Problem with the AI not using it atm

09-05-2015, 09:41 PM
Fine ? Cool ?

You re funny..... I m blaming the lack of strategy of this game with their none sense mechanics - some of us call it "idioty".

It s like stack up rules into a polished work made by NWC and mess up around.

These two feature are childish

Who really wanna to have these two un-clever mechanics ? you re supporting an heresy - You maybe like waste time to move your creatures to get bonus for flanking while opponent repeat it indefenitly.. not me...

As for arcane knowledge, it s fixed random rule, in doing this you are removing strategy to the game, more, you only have an idiot rule which allow you to learn spell from oppposite school. i m arguing on the best series which are supported by a working system of Learning/Wisdom (kind of H3,H5 but H4 magic system as the best) and H7 isn t able to offer the same quality. Arcane knowledge has been revealed by UBISOFT a wayyyyy to long after the magic system (which proof they had any idea on how to learn spells). If they would have done this before, i mean, before necromancy fans wish, i can tell you it would be a mess.

I can t be satisfied while i see stupid marketing (7 school of Ashan !!! New Lore !! from MMX : Legacy...) and broken rules (Flanking, copy / paste from a free to play).. Maybe you re waiting a game with the same quality of a free to play ?