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The First Civilization. So much of their machinations have directly influenced the story of Assassin's Creed from the very start. With the upcoming release of Syndicate, I would like to look again at that which has come before, and some underlying mysteries and intrigues that could still be explained or possibly play out within this year's release.


Long ago, the First Civilization ruled the world. Humanity, were a created slave race made in the same image of their masters, and ruled by items such as the Apples of Eden.

Eventually interbreeding occurred, and the first hybrids, Adam and Eve were created. Due to their increased precursor DNA, they were immune to the influences of the Pieces of Eden, and lead the revolt for humanity's freedom. Labelled by Minerva as "Assassins", the faster reproducing humans lead by Eve, wore down their long lived precursor masters and the great war erupted.

With both sides distracted, a solar flare struck the earth leaving the world devastated. Few survived, and the remnants of the First Civilization wagered for peace with the humans, building great temples that were dedicated to research methods to prevent such a catastrophe striking the world again.

The First Civilization faded to obscurity, with humanity left with Pieces of Eden that they could not reproduce. Some argued that they were too powerful, that they would lead to humanity being enslaved again. To keep the world safe they were hidden away, preserving freedom to those who strived for it. Yet still, they were those who saw opportunity, for potential and power to help further humanity into a new world. And so began a second war, invisilble, yet still raging to this day.


During the great war, Juno's father had been killed. From this point, her hatred for humanity grew. Whilst working on solutions for the future, she also secretly plotted ways to once again rule humanity. Minerva and Jupiter discovered her plots and thus imprisoned her within the Great Temple.

We know now that Juno's machinations were to get Desmond to the temple to free her, but I find some of what she said in Brotherhood to be fascinating.

Eagle Vision

A hundred years I might speak and still you would not know us. You with five senses. Us with six. The one we kept from you. To be safe. Now, you can never know. Only try. Grasp. You can SEE. SMELL. TASTE. TOUCH. HEAR. Knowledge has been locked away. After, when the world became undone, we tried to pass it through the blood. Tried to join you with us. You see the blue shimmer. You hear the words. But you do not know. WE SHOULD HAVE LEFT YOU AS YOU WERE. It is hard to stay contained. Knowing as we do. We wait for you, Desmond. You will come here. You will activate it. You will know only when it is too late.

The sixth sense. Knowledge. The blue shimmer, or Eagle Vision to us. The question is, what is the knowledge that humanity is missing? One assumes it is the ability to use the Pieces of Eden technology.

If we look at Eagle Vision across the games, it has evolved as well. As we go through time, more capabilities have appeared. For example, Ezio's improved that by the point of Revelations he could see past events, and track heat sources. By the time of Edward Kenway, the vision could help see targets through walls even within normal sight. With Arno, we can see the memories of assassination targets and apparently possess enhanced hearing. Finally in Syndicate, Jacob now appears to have the ability to distinguish the strengths of his opponents, by detecting what class type they are.

By the time of Desmond, we can outright see past time periods, though alot of that is down to the Bleeding Effect. How far can eagle vision go? What could this evolve to become?

The Father of Understanding

But time... time erodes us. We can distract him. We can see past him. Feint left when he strikes right. But his reach is so very long. His stamina unending. We cannot evade his grasp. Not forever.

I always interpreted this as an observation on death. I think it is significant for example, that the River Styx appears within the First Civilization architecture of the Lost Archive DLC. But what if this is an actual commentary on a greater villain, one which was an adversary to even the great precursors? The obvious candidate would be the mythical Father of Understanding.

The assassination confessions of the series have traditionally been shown to us within the "white rooms", as apparently the Animus was never able to interpret the data being shown. I always assumed it was some kind of metaphysical link between the two parties, especially as sometimes the victims can be seen walking around - and then wind up dead in front of you again at the end of the conversation. This indeed could again be part of the abilities of eagle vision.

With the Helix software in Unity, we could supposedly see these confessions in real time. They typically appeared as a rush of images, but what I found really interesting is Germain's version. Many have assumed that Aita, and his varied sages, are in fact the Father of Understanding and that which helped shape the Templar order. But here we have the Sage outright stating that the Father of Understanding has granted this vision, and unlike all other victims, he can actually see images of himself too. The backdrop is an endless black, again very different to any of the other confessions. Just what is going on here? Could it be there really is a metaphysical entity that predates humanity, and not only orchestrates the Templars but drove fear into the First Civilization?


There is one who would accompany you through the gate. She lies not within our sight.

It is done. The way lies all before you. Only she remains to be found. Awaken the sixth. Go. ALONE!

Here we are again, awakening the sixth sense. If we assume it was in fact the sixth sense that she referred to, then one assumes it was to expand Desmond's knowledge so that he could open the Grand Temple using the high technology.

Or was it the sixth solution? The sixth solution created by the First Civilization was to create new vessels for them to survive, and whilst they managed to transfer conciousness to a digital realm they struggled to once again transfer out again. This is certainly born out in AC4, where Juno can no longer seem to return back to the living world - certainly not within a human body. This again leads us in to the Phoenix Project and the attempt to sequence precursor DNA and one assumes a synthetic body.

So who on earth is she? At the time many made suggestions as to who it could be, but looking back it is pretty obvious it is a reference to Eve.

For example, if we look at Subject 16's dialogue from the same game;

Eden. She... in Eden. Find Eve. The key. Her DNA...

It is widely regarded that Clay was a direct descendent to Adam. His precursor DNA was very high, and in current terms he could have been considered a Sage. Was he a reincarnation of Adam? Well, it's possible. He gave us "The Truth" video in AC2, which was our only glimpse at Adam and Eve in the time of the First Civilization. Within the Lost Archive DLC where you technically play as Clay, you actually hear Adam and Eve speaking together - again the only other reference we have from them.

Throughout the Lost Archive DLC, it is made abundantly clear that Juno convinced him to commit suicide. To what end? Sure it aided Desmond, but in my mind he represented that which once stood against her, especially if he was a reincarnation. The same can be said with Eve. Juno wanted her to come through the temple, presumably to touch the console and die along with Desmond.

Eve will lead us. (AC Liberation)

Eve lead the great war against the First Civilization. If she is reincarnating as well, she would be the greatest threat to Juno in the new modern world. As well as the references above, she is name dropped in Dead Kings, and now we have Evie within Syndicate that seems a pretty obvious link.

The Phoenix Project is tracking Sages, so the fact that we have suddenly focused on Victorian London suggests that either the Twins encounter one - or one of them is one. In the modern day, if both the Assassins and Templars suddenly learn that Evie was a reincarnated Eve, they would turn over London to try and find her body. Ubisoft has said previously that they might re-use areas in different time periods, and this makes perfect sense if we are to visit London in the modern times.

And who is the modern candidate for Eve? Well of course, that is Galina Voronina. Again, look at the facts, Juno was bothering her mother within the Animus. Her mother stated the she saw Eve, so it seems clear to me that the Voronina bloodline are likely direct descendants. (Remember, unlike the biblical Adam and Eve, there were other humans in the First Civilization time period that would likely have reproduced, so not everyone would have come from these two)

We know that Minerva was working with calculations to try and influence and prepare the future through time manipulation technology. This gave rise to places like the Nexus in AC3, and indeed the Eye that she spoke to Desmond through. Minerva must have known that there was a possibility that Juno would escape, have seen it in varied timelines, and in doing so Minerva would have influenced likely several individuals to try and help secure the future of the world. She would have known of the experiments to Aita that lead to his reincarnations, so she had the means to force Eve through time as well, to once again lead us against Juno. To save humanity, Eve may even have volunteered.

The war has come full circle again, with Juno on the verge of being released to the modern world. With the potential of Eve coming back, and flashbacks to the First Civilization possible, the story of how it all began will once more change our world again. We dodged one catastrophe, for the start of another.

Anyhoo, any thoughts? Do share. :D

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Eve is just something something let's remind people to care about modern day cause there was that little video five years ago.
Juno is useless and pathetic even with all her threats.
Eagle vision is just something for gameplay.
Father of Understanding is an afterthought.
That's it
I should probably add IMO of course