View Full Version : Just wanted to point something out

07-03-2015, 06:25 AM
For most years, Sony has had special privileges with the AC franchise, with special DLC and exclusive Betas etc
But last year, Microsoft had this special relationship with the franchise, albeit with nothing other than a bad launch to separate it from other games
I pointed out that past games from AC1 to AC4BF were always advertised with the PS3 cover in front of the Xbox and PC covers, as seen in the picture below
Most attributed this to the fact that the PS3 cover is smaller than the others, so it made sense to fit it in front of the larger covers
But, the year that Microsoft attained the partnership, the Xbox covers of Unity and Rogue were placed in front of the PS4/PS3 covers... coincidence?
The covers of Xbox One and PS4 are the same size, so it could be argued it is a coincidence, but the Xbox 360 cover is larger than the PS3 cover, yet is in front, despite being a poor aesthetic choice, so I doubt it is a coincidence that the one year Microsoft has the partnership, the Xbox covers get top billing
And now, Syndicate is back with Sony, and again, the PS4 cover is back in front
I just wanted to point out to what lengths these companies go to in order to outdo the competitor
It isn't enough to get exclusive advertising rights to the game, no, these companies also have to put their game covers on top of the others, hiding them from view

As a bonus, in the Syndicate image, you can see that the PS4 cover has a graphic which most likely says "exclusive content"