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06-29-2015, 02:10 AM
As we all know the characters in this game will be split in different from one another classes that will have specific characterictics. While that add is an interesting one i would like to note that allowing players to customise their own builds is another eye catching add that gives more freedom on both customisation and battle which oufcourse will have some restrictions such as: you cant use specific feats while also having specific equipment.

06-29-2015, 12:23 PM
Im sure you CAN customize your character's special abilities to some extent, and your character's looks.

06-29-2015, 12:35 PM
Well as you said it will be to some extend but what about giving the players a lot more freedom? the freedom that will allow them to be different in the field of battle? Its something that could keep everyone on guard because no one will know what they will face in each battle.

06-29-2015, 12:47 PM
Developers mentioned in one of the videos that classes are made that way so players, if they see a certain class, will know what to expect from it.
And a lot of customization will ruin that idea.
For better or for worse, I dont know, but developers are already doing it that way and I doubt they will change their mind.

06-30-2015, 10:35 PM
I definitely think that character appearance customization should definitely be in there though. It gives you more of the feel of it being "your" character. Giving him his own battle scars and specific looking armor would be a lot of fun. They could always hold the same abilities for example the Samurai Assassin's archer volley. It'd be even more of an experience if they'd allow you to pick what weapons you were wielding but only from the faction of your choice has to offer. For example the vikings giving options of shield, sword, axe etc but giving you that option to chose to toss the shield and go for the "Dual Wield" hand axe and sword. It'd give you that feel that hey this is your character, don't die. :p Anyways the game looks absolutely amazing so far especially being so far from release I'm really excited to get out on the battle field as a Viking! #IamViking

07-02-2015, 07:33 AM
They mention there is classes in the game, Not terribly restricting classes, but I imagine they are set into place to make separate specific play styles. For instance shield wielding and dual wielding would be two different classes. I don't think you should be able to change your class at will. Character customization aesthetically I think should be given a fair amount of free roam though.

Choosing different colored armor and different types would be a good start. For instance allowing a full knight helm or a crusader helmet for knights. I also think a different aesthetic of different weapons or the same weapon would be good. I remember them mentioning they wanted it to be like an FPS. So for instance I see them adding multiple swords for say a two handed wielding knight. Swords as different as the normal great sword is to the claymore, or other two handed swords (I am not a sword expert) I would change the advantages a little bit. But not make it game breaking. A hit with any sword is still going to deal quite a bit of damage. I think every weapon should be obtainable early in the game though, so as to avoid an obvious power disparity by certain weapons only being obtainable later on and having significantly higher stats to reflect it (Unless they are cosmetic only. I am down with that)

Lastly I think there should be the choice of gender on each class. I don't care that much. but I know a lot of people do.

07-02-2015, 12:42 PM
I am hoping for a deep armor customisation so no 2 player is the same. I am not talking about reskins either. Different gauntlets, helmets, boots, chestplates etc etc.

07-02-2015, 09:29 PM
They already told at Ubisoft Masterclass that we gonna be able to customize our character, not only through feats but with cosmetics too.

You can also see at videos they already released, there are Wardens with different appearance...

Im pretty sure they will invest a lot of time on that too in future (y)