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06-24-2015, 03:04 PM
Hello there,

I keep checking the front page to see if you guys are showing the next 3 units of the Sylvan faction. I can't help but feel sad that the Phoenix will not be in the game (maybe just as a neutral), but I guess that was the majority's decision after all (43%).

However, this was not the case for the Dungeon line up. THE BLADE FROM THE SHADOWS with 36%, vs. the 33% for THE SHIELD OF DARKNESS and 31% for MALASSA’S THOUSAND FACES (which was excluded in the 1st vote even though it got almost a third of the votes...).

Is it just me, or this is far from being convincing?

Is it not clear that people like each line up for how some units were unique/special? Let me give you an example...but first let's look at the units:

All have the same champion units, Dragon and Hydra, so no problem there...Minotaur is also in all 3 variations, so that's great as well, but then it gets interesting...

We have 10 options:

Shadow Lurker/Shadow Watcher
Shadow Unicorn/Nightmare
Faceless/Faceless Assassin
Medusa/Medusa Sorceress

But only 5 slots...

Now back to my point, doesn't the Shade, Tracker, Darkblade and even Strider sound a bit similar? Can't they be merged somehow to make room for other units?
I'm all about having the Faceless Assassins (strike and return, teleporter, no retaliation), but do we really need another backstabber/saboteur?
I'd also love to see the Medusa come back with petrify similar to heroes 4...offensive and debuffing spells, and weak range attack to balance it...
Nighmare would also be a great choice to even the flyer/archer/walker ratio and it's really fitting especially due to the fact that Sylvan will have no unicorns...
Shadow Watcher is a Dungeon veteran and would hate to see it go...same goes for the Manticore...

Obviously, some would disagree with me, but the vote results do not lie...one line up was removed and people who voted for that one, picked something they don't really want...and we ended up with 3 melee walkers as core, 2 melee walkers as elite...(after the second vote)...WTH?

Could we please have a reshuffle and a revote until we have a more convincing result?

My line up:
Shadow Lurker/Shadow Watcher: ranged attack flier with debuff abilities. Saboteur
Minotaur/Minotaur Guard: melee walker with either preemptive strike, no retaliation or double hit (not all, too OP). Damage dealer.
Faceless/Faceless Assassin: teleporter with strike and return ability, maybe no retaliation at upgrade. Damage dealer.

Medusa/Medusa Sorceress: walker with weak ranged attack, offensive/debuffing spells and mesmerizing ability. Saboteur.
Manticore/Scorpicore: flier with poison debuff. Saboteur.
Shadow Unicorn/Nightmare: teleporter with debuff aura. Saboteur.

Shadow Dragon/Black Dragon: flier with area of damage and debuff abilities. Saboteur.
Cave Hydra/Dark Hydra: walker with no flanks and life drain ability. Tank.

Minotaur could be switched with Nightmare depending on preference :)


06-25-2015, 11:07 AM
Those numbers are actually incorrect. There were some issues with duplicate votes going on. The actual numbers are 48 % for Malassa's Thousand Faces and 31 % for Blade From The Shadows, leaving 21 % for Shield of Darkness.


So even in the first round, Malassa's Thousand Faces had almost half the votes, and got almost two thirds during the second vote. That's a very clear majority in both cases. Obviously not everyone will be happy with it, but that's voting for you.