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06-17-2015, 08:51 PM
So this is a briefing of the game beta we just tested, bugs failures and the good
i once was told: always start with the positive, because that is what the person you talk with will remember. so in this case my biggest concern is the running of the game
first major failure i stumble at was a memory leak and it seemed to be 2. i noticed a huge drop in the frames on in the over world where the frames was raised when being underground. most likely a shadow effect maybe even from the skies of.
and onto the memory leak that clearly came from AI turns and was getting worse and worse if you played against Ai that had multi heroes on his side where the more offen then not the game was able to crash while hes making his turn not a proper crash just that it stays as player 3 (seemed like player 3 always) turn a long time. Think the longest i did let it stand was 1 hours where, at end it had maxed out my memory aswell. and memory started at a use of around 4 gb and more often then not where using between 4-6gb
and from this of it brings me to the next issue.
AI turn:
first thing was getting announcement of every move the AI have seem unnecessary and Hope this is just for the beta to see where the problem happened. but if this was the case name of the player could be done better i would prefer the heroes name in the players color. this all so seemed to make it lag a bit.
The Skill wheel seemed ok, one of my plays i was not able to put my skill point into the center every time i did it said skill point learned exit the screen and i had not used the skill point. and this was even after exit and reload. only happened the last day of the beta. it did miss some info there and now like %color something something. But that's just polishing that up.
the heroes screen.. geez that need alot of work. they did hotfix the item laying ontop of each ohter and able to equip multiplied gloves for ex. and the placement of stuff was way off had more often then not something called like gloves of something placed in the ring slot. and item vanish into thin air happened a time or 2 last day of the beta aswell.
and on the hero screen No where was there the chance of see the heroes special skill no chance to see up she/he was a good governor because of not being able to see that. i used the in to be able to easy find out the hero skills.
When trading with other heroes and there army slots where filled up if you pressed split army it just removed a stack on the other heroes bar. no warning or anything.
and lets take the capture neutral monster. its fine if you have a stack of those you are capturing. but when getting something you aint having in your army all hell breaks loose.
so i use a split group of crossbows and pike men so this fills up 4 slots that can be put into just filling 2 and rest was just full stacks this did help somehow because i was able to put the stacks into each other and have 2 free spots to which is need to move 1 stack down apparently this is clearly some miss communication from what it believe is in heroes army and its keep saying that the free spot you got is full. i first though might be a issue when i was using the split stack but no. the end of that is you had to have 2 empty slots in your army to capture a stack of creatures.
and the diplomacy i love it loved it every single homm game its bin working in...
in H7 here it seems to work to a degree i took 2 heroes gave em same stats in diplo. and 2 different size of army and what i did see was that more often then not if the enemy was Low threat they joined more then if it was a trivial enemy. and not because of the faction, used heaven and 1 was running full heaven army other mixed up. and on top of that being able to leave the combat without the monster doing anything that just makes it to easy to capture em. (this would be a way to balance it a bit) i never made it to having the scout ability at the same time( so that it would tell if they would join or not) i would make it as master part the scouting tree so that you get at novice a between xx-xx enemys on the next plan you get a more close number x-x and master would give you the exact number and up they would join. and then make the scout skill something else.
the clearness of up you owned a mine or what not seemed weird.
i had blue and red flags as player 1. and not sure what the the one or the other was might bin creature dens. mines and weekly tax/warehouse but they need to be the same color or it will mess up.
the graphic is not great not bad running the highest settings was not as pretty as i had hoped for a game put out 2015/16.
and tapping out and in of the game seemed to be able to mess up as well ending in crashes or blurry vision. and from time to time while placing the army it started to flicker
I do like the load animation where you see a picture and it opens it up and use that as a load screen that was super cool the few time it happened (dunno up it was intended to do that) because i got the normal loading screen sometimes as well. if its not i would say Use the picture of the load profile as a loading screen if you can manage to do that.
the hero/faction selection. need polishing heroes specials need to be shown which i think is a need to have. and where did random pick go ? this was my Favorited thing to do was picking random hero random faction to increase difficulty. and for player 3 and 4 i was not able to select team for em so they where on team - so yhaa need more polishing and Random picking !
the stability of the game in seemed good Tapping out and in of the game was getting it to crash 1/10 times roughly most in the upstart what i noticed.
the camera tilt is fair. i do like to be able to spin the camera all the way around.
was not able to break the game by sending to many commands as fast as possible so that was great
i did miss Quests not just kill all or grail. small side quest like H3 had the trees around giving you xp or an item that should be more then possible to do
and being able to see throw the shadow fog(non revealed area) that is a no go. its fun to run into a area and not knowing what im going after

So my conclusion is:
its might be 1-2 out of 5 stars.
i did spent time playing the game but got bored as f... when sitting and looking on the screen and the AI taking forever to do anything. more often then not i was playing a mobil game while waiting for AI to finish up, and well i don't need to tell how bad it is when your playing a game while waiting for a other game to get done done with the processes of the AI. playing against 8 players or AI will make anyone cry. you cant even right click on stuff to see info on the unit.
in fairness you should have called this an alpha. i do think you need more testing after you polished up the all the stuff. and well i got no clue how big a staff you got working on this , and not knowing your release, but i do believe 2016 should be your goal.
i bin beta testing way back from the time of where you got some sort of payment/gift for the work you did put into the game. and i know this is a big chuck of text with typos in it :) if you need it you can PM/mail and ill try to help with what i can
my system is
i7 4790k
Windows 7 running on ssd
ssd 250gb
ssd 250gb
sshd 1000gb and some old hhd.
gigabyte 970 gaming 4gb (3.5 infact)

06-17-2015, 11:07 PM
To me the whole beta tasted like a giant bug.

06-18-2015, 08:36 AM
Wrong. There was nothing giant about the beta.

I actually didn't encounter any crashes, just the regular bugs. That's... probably the best thing I can say for my beta experience. The townscreens looked nice? The music was good?

The tiny graphics and slow movement really hurt the game. After one or two months on the big map, I had almost fully built my town and never even seen another player move in the fog of war close to my town. My hero also was about level 10 at this point, because while I had done all the battles in the area, the movement was just far too slow to do much. I think I once managed to get two battles in a day done, and that's with a pack mule hero travelling behind my main hero and picking up all the stuff. Actually, the pack mule hero got slowed down so much that i had to get a second one, just so they could keep up with the main hero.

The graphics look horribly washed out and it's hard to make out buildings and resources. They're also really tiny and make my eyes hurt. More contrast, maybe some lighting, bigger everything. At the highest zoom level, the size was barely acceptable, but movement became difficult since I couldn't see much of the road.

The whole "getting constant information about other players" was really annoying. Seeing enemies move through fog of war, getting those notifications on what they're doing, all of this is not supposed to happen. I'd really like some confirmation that this was just for the beta.

Duplicate heroes. I never encountered any of them, but I think there were at least three Minaslis running around and that's two too many.

It has been confirmed that the hero select screen will be changed to include information about the selected heroes, so nothing on that subject. Except for: tiny.

With all the easily noticable bugs (buggy tooltip for the defend command? really?) and the launch disaster, my general impression on Heroes 7 still hasn't changed. It's half-baked. The beta should absolutely have been delayed several months to allow a more enjoyable playing experience. With things like the interface and the more noticable bugs already fixed, this could have worked like a player beta should - helped the creators to notice bugs and glitches that are hard to find. The stuff we found is what a small group of professionals should have found, the obvious stuff. Unfortunately for the future of Heroes 7, delaing the beta for several months would have meant to postpone the game's release for even more months and that would have cost more money than the developers seem to be willing to spend on what they may very well already consider a flop.

06-18-2015, 04:51 PM
Wrong. The townscreens looked nice? The music was good?

the music was classic i do think they always deliver on this point. the graphic nahh. the townscreen well its better then homm6 but its not great

but i hope they will take the time to read and atleast consider saying well we need a test more and might delay release.. not sure but think i did see September somewhere ? if youre trying to reach that deadline i hope you got a 100+ staff ^^

and for the next time
Beta test NEED ingame bug reports

06-19-2015, 10:43 AM
This "game" needs an awful lot of work. As was said before in this forum, the general feeling I got from trying it, was that it didn't feel like a beta test at all, much more like an early alpha in which the rudimentary gameplay can be tested.
I really hope this game will be delayed by a very long time to give it a chance to become at least somewhat decent. Ubisoft already has our preorder money anyway.

06-19-2015, 09:00 PM
This Heroes of Might & Magic "7" felt like something between 4 and 5 - it's like you play HoMM6 and go 2 steps back.

06-19-2015, 11:41 PM
going 2 steps back from HoMM6 would be a good choice...
the best parts of HoMM3, HoMM4 and HoMM5 combined (but hopefully with the current bugs excluded, and an AI implemented)

06-24-2015, 01:14 AM
So now its bin a week after i posted this and the response from Ubi/homm is great Not a f... single reply from em, customer service down the ****ter. i hope for there sake they value there player base more and do something about all the reports that bin put onto the forum.
and dont give me any excuse about if they had to do this to everyone or the time consume of it. its a single easy thing to do and it shows a tiny bit of customer service. at least they did that with The crew.
i just hope by some far out god they do something about the game

06-25-2015, 05:07 PM
Hi bhunter333, thank you for your feedback. Please be aware we have gathered the feedback and sent it to the development team.

We appreciate all feedback.

06-25-2015, 05:10 PM
To be honest I liked the beta. I noticed like 5 bugs, but nothing that would destroy gameplay.

07-06-2015, 07:24 PM
It's the worst HOMM ever, creatures with no abbiloities at all AI that just got developed and is slow and dumb, bad townscreens worst adventuremap ever! Bad art design scale, uninterresting resources,

The easiest most locked in gameplay system full of uninterresting abbilities and systems and still very out of balance resources etc xD what is wrong with this team?

and they want to release this game in 3 months xD

07-06-2015, 07:29 PM
Ubi MoshiMoshi im sorry for being very very pessimistic about this game but everything feels like easy descicion making. Ubisoft needs to have the balls to take longer and redesign some systems gameplay wise creature abbilities, AI, and just rework the adventure map and battle maps big time! Work on scale color, hire the HOMM 6 environment team,

The units of the factions are ok but the abbilities are very uninterresting so is the locked in skill wheel.