View Full Version : Might & Magic Heroes VII (Feedback) (Sorry it's all scttered)

06-09-2015, 01:20 AM
First off, to report feedback itself is a major pain in the ***. I click on the handy icon in the game and it sends me to the beta top 10 questions site where I have no option to report feedback. There is a handy square stating that I haven't submitted any feedback :). Then when I try to find the forums that itself becomes a HUGE pain. But I now found a place where I can place my thoughts. Ok.

I decided to start off playing a singleplayer so I can get the feel of the game. The map selection pops up and shows me the options, I select the map and click Next. Being somewhat anxious at the time I thought my click didn't register because its been 4 sec and we are not at the next screen nor any indication that its loading, so I click again. However it turns out that the race/hero selection screen has the same location of the Next button, so I skip all that and jump right into the game. So I then close and restart all over again.

Now that I'm finally at the race/hero selection screen, I then start browsing. I first notice that I have a huge list of heroes and no stat list for heroes (What are there startink skills/creatures/any bonus/magic skills). Which I guess is ok since it's Beta but because it's Beta you don't need 15 some heroes if there is no way to tell the difference (A really nice thing is the Hereos 5 Skill Wheel (http://www.celestialheavens.com/viewpage.php?id=520)). After going through the map options / gameplay I then click Next. At this point I'll state that I forgot to change the other player as AI, so I had to restart again (At least have a neutral position so players can choose ie. AI....Undecided....Human).

Now that I finally have my game going, lets get to to the meat. I notice that everything feels really small and poor quality, I go to settings to update my screen size and high quality. Unfortunately that did nothing. Once again I understand it's Beta, but why did you give an option if it does nothing. So I look past that. I like seeing my hero right in the middle, easy to spot how much mana/movement available. For the movement I really liked Heroes 5 style, a path marker displaying your travel and if there are monsters on your path that you'll fight it changes colours. In this one it just say you can't move here (If blocked by monsters). The select icon (pointy finger) is nice cause it really specifies where I want to go, but it feels off. I guess I'm just used to the horse icon. I also noticed that you can skip your turn even if a hero has movement left, please give me some notification (even add on option to ignore in future cases for those that choose to).

For the castle/construction screen, this really needs to be reworked. It feels very crowded. I feel that the map is not necessary in this screen, and by removing it you could add another wheel of the stuff to do in your town (ie build, recruit........ie Hereos 5). You also have to be careful where you click because double clicking carries over to the next screen.
The construction view is neat. I personally don't believe that the arrow to indicate that the dwelling could be upgraded is necessary if you don't have the 1st level. I really liked the aspect on how you have to choose between two buildings (gives more personality/customization). I also think there should be a button to toggle full view and what you can get (like the skills menu).
The Creature Dwelling recruitment option is nice, but I'd like if there was an easy way to see the full stats regarding their special abilities (Look at heroes 5).
I really liked the hero hall. Nice wheel with a full display. Would like to know the special abilities but hopefully thats a Beta thing.

It was really nice to see an option for Cancel/Quick/Full.
There is currently a problem when attacking a creature that can retaliate and the info window says it won't.
There is also a problem when attacking a creature from the angle indicated by the sword, the creature doesn't move to that position.
It also took me a while to notice how/when my hero attacks, didn't know as there was no indication (Really used to heroes 3 and 5).
Minus the graphics, and above issues, combat was nice. Good animation angles of creature attacks.

Once combat was over, the results screen is displayed. I REALLY was getting annoyed at seeing -1 or how many creatures were destroyed on my side when I can't see on how many I started with. Every time I was thinking "Did this stack die????".

Once I got my level up, I got no big indication. Just a small blinking thing in the corner and some minor text on the side. Would have thought it'd pop open the window automatically. I like that you can choose not to level up at this moment, I really like options and not forcing a method.

That is all I can think of this moment, I'll keep adding to this thread as I play more often.

Overall this looks really promising. Kinda disappointed at the quantity of races available (Heroes 3 is the best) but I hope that you'll just add more with expansions (Heroes 5).