View Full Version : Heroes VII BETA: First looks and imressions

06-08-2015, 09:29 PM

I just tried HEROES VII for a while and i can say that the game overall is very good, the mechanics and strategies are just awesome. BUT it needs quite some more work.

Graphics, design, animations sound effects needs to be improved:
1. Adventure map MUST be improved, the colours are too dusty and there is no powerfull colours like in heroes VI which really made the game awesome. Some objects are too small (TOWN in the adventure map is very small). There is no clear vision of the map. Also we should be able to zoom closely. And i think graphics aren't so detailed.
2. Some animations and sound effects should be better.

Also there is a bug when flyer crosses the map (usually in the middle) it starts spinning around like crazy, but it lands on position normally.

leveling is maybe too slow, cause there are a lot of skills and that novice, expert.. and you need quite some levels just to get some strategy.

Oh yeah, and i hope you will insert animations and artworks of creatures beside every one of them.

Good luck with the game, you're doing great so far :).

06-11-2015, 09:43 PM
Agreed, the game lacks color immersion. Bring back HOMM VI trees and adventure map, scale, townscreens completely redo the painting is awfull and doesnt match the game just go back to homm V style, abbilities secondary of creatures make them more diverse, make resources more scarse but keep all of them maybe go back to old resources because they have a visible different quality of mererial to them. Spells and skill system back tom homm V ToE. Keep flanking and adventure map events postpone the game 1 to 1 1/2 years redesign systems done.

06-12-2015, 06:42 AM
I don't think the colors should be more like H6, actually on the contrary. H6 was way too chaotic, messy, confusing.
Although I agree with some of your points, I really hope they'll keep the graphics as it is.