View Full Version : Frustration is setting in....

06-08-2015, 04:25 PM
Twice, i start this game. And twice on the third week, i get NOTHING week. (just as i'm finally recruiting major) No unit recruitment and on top off that - no dwelling and new building production. Twice in week 2 and 3, on fracking Fast Neutral Growth. Stop it, stupid. I want a challenge, not a brick wall. 2 games in row, come on. Least wait to forth week. Who designed this or play-tested it for that matter?

Witch academy's focus on spells, fast neutrals, broken movement increase artifacts and stingy movement points, its a death sentence! Worst yet, reloading doesn't help. It ALWAYS bring the same stupid week. :mad:

If you are going to have this stupid week(always hated it), then make sure neutral stacks DONT grow as well, like in previous games. Make it a really small chance for it to occur during the first few weeks.