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06-07-2015, 07:26 PM
Hello Councilors and Community Managers,

I take the time to submit my feedback here as I didn't find anything on the linked advised (https://mmh7.ubi.com/en/beta)

I will start with the things I think you need to work on, and finish with the congratulations. :)

1. BUGS.

Of course there are bugs, this is beta. But you absolutely need to make sure that they won't be anymore on the release. I'm convinced that you took lessons from your past experiences. So here are the few things I noticed :

My items and artefacts randomly multiply or disapear for no reason. I'm not even sure the bonuses applied or are still appliying when the items aren't here anymore.

Sometimes my hero disapears too. I have just a box where he standed, and I cannot see his portrait anymore, and so I cannot select him anymore. I noticed that if I ended my turn it sometimes fixed this issue.

I can hire the same character over and over again. And have 3 Melisande for example. I hope this is a bug and not a choice.

When I take control of the sisters and ask them to heal a unit, it says it will resurrect them. It doesn't. Those sisters lied to me or is this a bug ?

The "Heal" spell from light magic is supposed to resurect too (it even gives me the number). Well, it doesn't resurrect as much as it is said.

If I stay in my town for a turn, my mana pool doesn't fill up. Is it a choice or a bug ? If it's a choice, Magic Heroes will have to all go for Prime magic not to be out of mana all the time...

I can see everything my ennemies do in the "chatroom" at the top left corner. I know what they loot, I know when they visit buildings etc. I guess it's a bug. Once I even had vision of my ennemy (AI) when it was its turn.

Speaking of... The ennemy AI is really not good. They don't loot anything in their location, they only visit buildings from time to time. 1 game on 2, the ennemy stayed in based even after months. It was so easy to crush them... Please work hard on this, even when I put them 'rich', they are bad.

AI of neutral is bugged too, I guess. Sometimes, some of the neutral packs were just walking around for no reason. Not even coming to my army. + Their focus is weird... They often focus my strongest pack, and died from retaliate.

The user interface bugged quite a lot too. Can't get rid of the quests symbols, or the level up symbols, staying for weeks. When I loaded a game I also have 6 dark squares on the left with numbers... Disapearing after a while.

The flyings units are broken. Animations are awful, as you know, and when they land they don't face oppenents, giving easy flanking attack.

I once used the haste spell from prime magic on my marksmen. They weren't able to attack from distant anymore. I noticed that it bugged like this only when I used haste when it was already their turn. Hope it will help.

The implosion spell is buggy. It deals 2% max life damage to a unit... Not to a pack, but to a unit. So even to kill a single cabir, i would have to cast it 50 times.

When I right click on a hero, it's written that he is might even if he is magic.

When I load a game, I see the middle of the adventure map, it doesn't come back on my position (hope I will be clear even with this english)

Sometimes I can't "recruit all" when my hero is in town, even if he has enoguh space or the same units. I have to leave town, then recruit all, then come back again.

The finish turn button sometimes doesn't work.

Instant recall doesn't work. You need a town portal to have it in your spellbook, but when you cast it it says you don't have town portal...

Recycling artefacts or itmes in Academy doesn't give anything, it's just destroyed.

I noticed that when my air elemental flied over a unit and then attacked it, the attacked unit wasn't targettable anymore. Only war machine automatic attacks could attack it. And the reliations.

My swordmasters are meant to deal aoe damage. They actually do, but only if the units are really alined. The help window sayed once that I was about to touch 2 packs, but i only touched one. Because they weren't really alined because there was one unit of 4 squares, and one of 1 (I hope you understand what I mean).

My game lags a lot after 40 minutes of game. If I leave and load, it's all ok again.

I also have some little lags at the end of cool cams. I never see the real attacks, only the beggining, and then there is a little lag and the action is over.

I tried to play with a friend and I can't join his game, and he can't join mine. Too bad.

During sieges, if an ennemy is at my door and is attacking me, I can't go out from my town. He kinda blocks the door. Is it normal ? Also, it's impossible to see when walls are broken. The textures or graphics are all buggy, I can't see anything. A shame, cause it's beautiful when untouched.

Very often the bar showing the turns (which pack is going to play before which one) is buggy. Empty portraits, or the portraits don't represent the correct pack etc. Very annoying.


When we select our first hero, it would be great to know what class it is. I tried every hero before knowing who I was going to play with. We don't even know his class, or if it's magic or might. A simple help window would be appreciated.

Also we don't know who are these people. Please add a biography. Add lore. We love the universe, we love Might and Magic. Don't forget that.

I tried the random skills. It's a great feature but it would be great to see the skeewheel when we have to choose a skill. Because we don't know which skill unlock what. I always had to close it, and then go on the skillwheel to see and choose.

The camera view is awful. I can't see anything. The zoom is bad, we can't control and turn the camera as we want. You really need to fix this. Having a such beautiful world and being unable to explore it is such a waste. It's the same in adventure map and battle map.

When placing the units in battle map, it's impossible to see the opponents because of user interface thing.

The townscreen music are beautiful. The rest is boring as hell. I think it's not even new musics. It is really bad, I don't feel very into the world with this soft and boring music. You know how to do great ones, so do it !

I say it again : AI is really bad. Neutral and ennemies. Needs to be reworked. Even when we make them rich, they are bad. It would also be cool to choose what kind of ennemy it is. Explorer/builder/rusher... etc.

AI for automatic combats is broken... Quick combat on severe neutrals : Defeat. I play it and don't use any spell : not even unit died. It may be explained by the fact that when we start the combat and have like 5 packs, 1 of the pack isn't set on the battlefield. + it is set randomly. Not logical at all. It would be great that the game remember how we put our army at tactic mod, and do it for next fights. We have to do it every fight, placing units etc... It should be saved somewhere, it's pretty long to replace everything every time.

Movement points are really unsuffisant, especially on the 4 players map. So slow my god ! Is it normal ? If it is, it's frustrating, you should change it somehow... In my opinion of course.

The townscreens are stunning, really. They are. But they aren't alive. The water flows, that's all. I think you should add some living people. Just people walking around from time to time. Or some unlocked units, appearing around their buildings randomly. But great job anyway. I love them.

If Haven doesn't take the angels as elite units, they haven't any flying unit. Quite bad. I would suggest giving a choice between griffins and wolves. As we are playing the Griffin Haven, no ? I know he iis allied with the wolf. That's why we should let the player choose in my opinion.

The governor feature is an amaziing thing. But I regret that so many specialisation concern the growth of units. I would have prefer if it upped growth of 50% and make these units more powerful if lead by this hero. In my opinion : too many heroes are specialised in producing units. It's quite boring.

In adventure map, the castles should be bigger. Their size is ridiculous for now, in my opinion.

When we make several packs wait, it's always the slowest pack that comes again after everybody played. I don't know if you understand me but... Like if I make angels and footmen wait, it will be first the footmen to play, and then the angels. It's not logical. We should be able to choose, or at least the one with the most initiative should be the first to play among the waiting bar. (hard to express what I think in english)

It may be too late but I would have love more choices in expert, master and grand master skills in the skillwheel. With slinks between skills like in HOMM5. If you can change this, do it.

Resources (except gold) are too abondant or the buildings aren't expensive enough in term of rare ressources or wood and ores. It was too easy to get full town.

No magic academy class can have master in dark ? Why that ? :(

I think you know it : AI turns are way too long.

A suggestion : Could you set night or dusk when our turn is almost finished ? Basked on movement points of our heroes for example. That would be cool. Tired of playing day only ;)


All in all I am very satisfied with the direction you took.

Thanks for the class systems, 3 might classes and 3 magic classes for every faction, it's just awesome ! :)

Thanks for the building choices ! Many of our building construction make us go for a strategy and I really like the fact that it became a real help in our strategy directions.

Thank you for letting us choose our elite creature (even if I would prefer choising more than only the elite creature). Instead you make us choose which creatures we want the most, and it's fair enough.

Again thanks for the beautiful 2D townscreens, they are beautiful.

Thank you for the weeks. There are many many special weeks, new ones. I really like it, it adds dynamism in the game. Really great. :)

The skillwheel is great, not like HOMM6 anymore. Giving us the choice for random or free skills is just awesome. Thank you for that.

Thank you for flankings, and covers, it adds dynamisms in battle. Also congratulations for the environments during battle, it's really beautiful and related with where we fight. Good job :)

Choosing which magic school we study in mage guild is such a good idea ! Congrats ! Same for thiefs guild, we can choose who we spy and on which subject. It's fun :)

The siege battle field is really beautiful and you gave many options to make these fights very particular, thank you.

I hope you will get everything I tried to say even if English isn't my first language. If you need precisions in French (as I know many of you are) I can give them in French.

I took time to give you this feedback so I trust you to keep doing a great job and listen to advices and criticisms.

I would appreciate very much if someone could tell me if some of the things I pointed out are going to be worked on.

Thank you again, we trust in you. Keep working ! :)