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09-05-2004, 05:12 AM
It's my preview.


09-05-2004, 05:12 AM
It's my preview.


09-05-2004, 11:50 AM
I notice you did only reduce the pixel size of the thumbnails. You should have reduced the complete file, making the byte size smaller. Now the thumbnails take too long to download.

Just create 2 files of every pic. A thumbnail version and a large version. And link the thumbnail to the larger image,

What is this review based on ? Did you see SHIII at some Chinese gaming expo ?

And please tell us what you wrote. Most ofus can not understand the Chines language http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/images/smiley/10.gif

09-05-2004, 11:54 AM
Well, none of the screenshots are actually new. As Drebbel already asked, did you have the chance to actually play SHIII? If yes, are you allowed to answer questions?

09-05-2004, 05:33 PM
The site doesn't say anything new, or what we dont already know, but still good to post to others who might not know about it. for a rough transcript read below:

"Has the legendary color the World War II submarine simulation game soon to enter the third generation, from January, 2003 start, to 2005 in the first quarter estimate issue, it has affected the multitudinous submarine simulation game amateur, or said is hypothesized submarine captains heart. Plays the family regarding the domestic multitudinous submarine simulation game to say that, possibly most early contacted is hunt and kill dives the navigation and 688 (I) the deep sea hunt and kill (has played family regarding outstanding person to say, should be 286 times "Silent Service 2" and "Das Boot", for instance said author, ha-ha), passed through for a long time to the World War II time submarine war mathematical model research and the accumulation, experienced the many complications, hunt and kill dives the navigation series to climb had a new peak, compared the first two generations to come, the third generation regardless of were from the physical model, the 3D vision effect or in the campaign tactic simulation, All has the revolutionary breakthrough. In here, the author will collect the material according to the near future which and will track, will simulate the game to the general submarines simulation game amateur and the care navy the reader to introduce this game the new characteristic.

3D vision effect and exterior lens In the past, the domestic and foreign navies simulated the game amateur to simulate the flight team the inspiration, all once attempted through to absorb records the game picture to photograph the naval battle short film, did not lack the excellent work, what a pity as a result of the not too ideal picture quality but with difficulty achieved should have effect. But the truncation chart and the game video recording which announces from at present looked that, hunt and kill dives the navigation III to reach higher authorities the new altitude in the 3D vision effect, was different simulates to the flight simulation and the ground warfare, because needed to stress on the weapon and the battlefield physics environment simulation, the navy class simulation game 3D vision effect often most receives the question which the person denounced, even linked IL2 the dummy ship all to simulate the game the majority navy to be finer than. "The dangerously exposed waters" is same with the this publication first issue of introduction, hunt and kill dives the navigation III development group also extremely to take this question, new game picture regardless of from ships model, turbulent wave, or the harbor construction, from the outward appearance to the light, shade exaggerating, may say all had achieved throughout history all navies simulate the game the most high level. Must photograph the splendid short film, besides needs the splendid picture nature, but also needs to have the more nimble manifestation, in order to obtains diverser lens, by rich movie language. The new game for played the family to provide function formidable lens, could airborne, the water surface and submarine freely moves at will, the lens were allowed from the upper air bird's eye view escort fleet, also was allowed to watch the ships from the near distance the detail, the picture regardless of were the feature article or the scene, all was allowed to achieve the unprecedented fine degree. This function regarding resolves plays the heavy racket to the use "Das Boot" to play the family is the extremely powerful tool without doubt, but the outstanding person played the family to be allowed to close the lens to move the function, the magnificent prospect only can watch in the submarine commander's cupola.

Dynamic campaign The dynamic campaign is without doubt the navy simulates in the game the most sacred characteristic. Is precisely because the submarine will play the family mass organization the intense request, the development group only then finally decided for the game which soon goes on the market develops the dynamic campaign engine, thus issued the date postpones to 2005 first quarter. The dynamic campaign namely independently produces and the management by the server has the massive units motion the campaign, but does not need to play the family or the manager carries on any form to it the intervention, through the dynamic campaign, plays the family to be allowed to obtain more real and the scene feeling war experience. This characteristic causes to set up the uninterrupted network campaign server to become possibly, the new generation on-line hunt and kill dives the navigation no longer is in the chatroom fast matches joins battle, will be allowed to foresee, hunt and kill dives the navigation III to play the family most to regard as important will be on the official server the trump card submarine order list and attacks and sinks the gross tons capture.

Damages the model From truncation chart and in the official demonstration, we may see hunt and kill dives the navigation III to have extremely careful and diverse damages the model, but not likely passes such merely is the difference which the bow or the stern cooks meals, the goal ships not only may explode breaks, turns the side, overturns, moreover each structure also may cave in, the break under the fire, cooks meals even explodes (for example on ship ammunition). After the ships have the detonation to be able the thick smoke, the fire and the size different fragment splash in all directions. Although this is in the real world the commonly seen situation, but considered mathematical model complex degree, must in on the current popular disposition computer the smooth realization, is really the quite elegant design. It is reported the development group prepares hypothesis more details, but considers the hardware resources the consumption, but also has not made the final determination

Ship management Simulated in the game in the past navy, speaking of the single ship/ship simulation, very little had considered the naval vessel member managed, the training and the morale, but this actually also was in the real world the naval vessel commanding officer must the most important consideration question, member's level of expertise and psychological condition influence introduction naval vessel direction simulation, although simulated in the game at each kind of naval battle more or less all to have the utilization, but precisely to individual and the battle position simulation, as well as played the family and the ship close interaction, hunt and kill dives the navigation III or first.

Understood on at present the situation says, plays the family to take captain can the intervention which carries on to the member include in the game: Mixes the personnel to the different post, the promotion and the reward ship, in the duty the direct command, the surveillance and raises morale. In other words, if captain cannot fully seek out talent, cannot be impartial in administering rewards and punishments, cannot set up the prestige, when meets the storm common depth bomb attacks, to the ship abnormal performance but do not be surprised. After all, takes a captain, the leader can with the military accomplishment equally important. Let the storm come more violent! In order to displays the thrilling life at sea well, hunt and kill dives the navigation III to have the perfect weather model, in an official demonstration, the development group the storm which experienced in the North Atlantic Ocean clearly has displayed the German submarine, the submarine in howled in the rumour, the torrential downpour and the startled day very rough sea waves fluttered, all and "Das Boot" in portrayed is completely same. Such storm not only can give plays the family to bring on the sense organ stimulating, but also can to the submarine movement, the structure bring in physical the influence and creates in psychological for the ship the pressure. Certainly, besides the violent storm, in the game also has each kind of gorgeous marine landscape, lets play the family to realize the life at sea the infinite charm.

Perfect center regret Said with some US Pacific fleet high-ranking general officer's speech that, "compares with the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic only is a swimming pool", although the submarine plays in the family mass organization through the public opinion and the third party patch form, expressed has hit Japanese's intense request to the Pacific Theatre of war, but perhaps because the common people Germany wolf group too deified the reason, hunt and kill dives the navigation III development group to continue the second-generation the Atlantic battlefield theme, tried hard to carry through to the end the wolf group tactic. Although this game declared can support German armed force all models the submarine simulation, but moves towards multi- platforms, multi- roles today at the military simulation game obviously shows insufficiently. This also causes this new submarine game to lack the enough fresh idea from some kind of degree, if increases from English, Italian, the Soviet even US, Japan's submarine, only then can fully display this outstanding engine the complete ability.

Another worrying possible disappointment is, the development group got rid as if made the destroyer vs submarine networking function which one ined a stew, until now its official website has not all mentioned second-generation this to have unprecedentedness, had guaranteed two section games sales volumes mutually promoted characteristic. The pure on-line dynamic submarine campaign, the wolf group combat teamwork and plays between the family to attack and sink the tonnage rank the procedure obviously to disobey with the interconnection resistance development direction. Summary Although hunt and kill dives the navigation III development not to even achieve can promote demonstrates the version the degree, the game characteristic which according to at present only which issues the truncation chart, the video recording and official declared, but also is unable to this game final condition to carry on comprehensive and system front gazes. But, the situation which confirmed from at present looked that, "hunt and kill dives the navigation III" and "the dangerously exposed waters" has equally already had the revolutionary new characteristic, these two section games finally promoted, perhaps meant the navy simulated the game new times the arrival. Although at present hunt and kill dives the navigation III still to lack some cores to play the characteristic which the family most hoped for, but we still hoped for before its issue, after even issued a year could obtain the news from various aspects, even if this game became opens the platform, provided the enough support for the third party patch to be also good. This article publication to "Simulation Naval battle" the electronic magazine second issue, uses the picture to eliminate specially indicates externally from hunt and kill dives the navigation III official website."

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09-05-2004, 06:24 PM
"The pure on-line dynamic submarine campaign, the wolf group combat teamwork and plays between the family to attack and sink the tonnage rank the procedure obviously to disobey with the interconnection resistance development direction."

Glad they got that issue sorted out. http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_biggrin.gif

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Definitely looks like another 'attempt' of translation via BabelFish (http://babelfish.altavista.com/)!! Just as funny/sad as the one I posted Aug 29 00:41 Who can translate? (http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums?q=Y&s=400102&a=tpc&f=857101043&m=941109126&r=223100336#223100336) http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/images/smiley/88.gif

Try it yourself any time you need a chuckle!

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09-05-2004, 06:42 PM
"...Perfect center regret Said with some US Pacific fleet high-ranking general officer's speech that, "compares with the Pacific Ocean, Atlantic only is a swimming pool", although the submarine plays in the family mass organization through the public opinion and the third party patch form..."

Er I'm none the wiser !http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v463/RedTerex/shake-eyes.gif but still I'm sure someone uderstands it ! LOL

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