View Full Version : POLL: With all the discussion of DLC, would you pay a small fee for DLC packages?

02-02-2004, 07:53 AM

02-02-2004, 07:53 AM
Just out of curiosity...

Alot of debate here about DLC, and the need for it to keep the game fresh and popular. This being the case, how many of you would put your money where your mouth is and pay a small fee for DLC packages? Perhaps packages similar to the latest one offered for Mechassault, i.e., 1-3 maps, maybe a new game mode, perhaps a new gun or two, for around 5 bucks. I'll kick it off with a big HELL YES!

02-02-2004, 08:09 AM
No way. I'm not going to encourage charging for content, because a decent amount of people won't update, and tehn many games will be incompatible. It screws up the game.

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02-02-2004, 08:10 AM
I've gone for number 3. I'm happy to pay as long as the price is right for the content offered. I suspect I'm a bit more open as to what something should cost though. Many people on here think $1.50 is too much for 1 map. For me, thats 90p and takes me between 4 to 5 minutes to earn and think therefore that it is a small price to pay for a map that can give hours of entertainment.

How many times do we need to do this poll by the way? http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

02-02-2004, 08:24 AM
I'm with MrBisto on this. Also went with 3. I won't pay for anything unless it looks worthwhile, it will all depend on the DLC.

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02-02-2004, 02:41 PM
lol my bad, new to the forums, and I didn't know this poll was done often. I was just curious about it, and I'm not trying to encourage UBI in any way, lol. It's just with alot of the naysayers stating that "(name) company doesn't make any money offering free downloads and are therefore working on other games", I wanted to see if peeps would be willing to fork over a lil chump change to keep this game alive. Honestly, I'm surprised the poll got even 1 "no" vote. I mean, put it into perspective a bit, you rent a game, roughly 5-6 bucks, for a few hours of entertainment throughout just 1 week, or you go see a movie, 6-9 bucks for roughly 2 hours of entertainment. With that, would it not be worth it to spend around the same into a game you already know you like for hours of entertainment with some fresh new content? I'm just saying, I know I would.

02-02-2004, 03:07 PM
Only on one condition, they release a game mode. Anything below that http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/images/smiley/crazy.gif, then hell no!

02-02-2004, 03:23 PM
i think the people that reply no are A. REALLY cheap, or B. little kids that can't get their parents to pay. If they released some cool new weapons maybe some new nades and charges and 3 new maps I would pay $10

02-02-2004, 03:26 PM
well, I currently put this game off to the side because of lack of new game play, so why would i waste 10 bucks on a game i don't play.

02-02-2004, 11:16 PM
i think that DLC would really help the game, and i think that i probably would pay, as long as it was under 5 bucks when they charged for it.

anything over it, and i would reather just sit at my pc and play with gamevoice and get better results. i play on my x-box, w/live (the cost of the wierless game adapters still pisses me off...) b/c my friends do, it isnt that hard to join a pub server on the pc version and get the ip to the gamevoice server and boom, you have better results than xbl, becasue then you have serious players that WANT to play the game for what it is and coordinate as a team, not a bunch of six year olds that blindly run into heavys weapons fire dragging their 2 freinds with them to their doom, all the time talking about smoking pot and getting drunk on the xbl headset which is designed to be sued for game play.

it would have to be good content, the xbox was a waste of money, rs3 was a waste of money, the xbl starter kit was a huge waste of money, the hi-def adapter and necessary component and optical cables were a waste of money, so in my opinion, microsoft/ubi are really gonna have to think of something smart to keep this game from being forgotten in 3 months when republic commando and other newer games come out that will steal its thunder...

(halo 2 anyone...although this game will be in its adulthood way before halo 2 EVER gets released....and i dont think thats counting the latest delay

02-03-2004, 12:05 AM
Having actually paid for DLC with MechAssault I think it would be best if premium DLC were try before you buy with something like a 2 week trial.

When not everyone has the same maps it could screw with users on a dedicated server if it switches to a map some people don't have.

Not a whole lot of people have the premium DLC for MA and as such, there are few matches to get into. A two week trial would make it popular enough for game types and maps to catch on.

Perhaps make it so that if you don't remove the DLC before a certain date, then you will be automatically billed for it...


02-03-2004, 12:26 AM
I like your ideas Exitao. I'm not sure how it could work exactly, but that would be sweet if you could test it before you bought it. I think more people would be willing to part with their hard-earned fortune of 5 dollars if they got to play-test the new content first. Hook, line, and sinker, lol. I'm not necessarily advocating fees for DLC, but if it's true that company's refrain from creating ample DLC for lack of additional revenue, then I'd much prefer parting with a few bucks to keep a good game alive that I've already had to fork over 50 bucks for.

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02-03-2004, 06:01 AM
As long as you get a decent amount of bang for your buck then I have no problem with paying for content.

A few quid for a few levels is fair, anyone who says they won't pay for it is just cheap as hell. You can't expect the developers to keep bringing out free content, there's gonna be some point in time where they stop because they've got more pressing things to be dealing with.

At the end of the day, you're paying about 35 originally for the game, think about how much play time you get out of online games, then realise that if you went out to the pub or whatever, that money would last you a few hours maximum. Anyone who considers a small fee for more content is just a cheap skate.

02-03-2004, 07:24 AM
<BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by TRAmbrose:
i think the people that reply no are A. _REALLY_ cheap, or B. little kids that can't get their parents to pay. If they released some cool new weapons maybe some new nades and charges and 3 new maps I would pay $10<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_redface.gif Not everyone shares your views on money or what to pay for. I didn't say no, but am not a big fan of being charged for DLC, as once it starts it will spread and will get more expensive and less will be free.

Also your comments border on insult and you know the rules about that Tra. People can refuse to pay for something and still not be considered Cheap Tra.

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02-03-2004, 08:20 AM
i am not saying all players but people that play it on a regulat basis(20+hours week) and there are lots of those people!!!

02-03-2004, 08:23 AM
regardless your comments still border on insult, and may very well offend someone.

People can do what they want with their money. http://ubbxforums.ubi.com/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif

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02-03-2004, 09:37 AM
hell no i'd never pay for dlc i've already bought the game. about 80$ Cdn y would u spend more money on a game you already own? besides thats y you have to subscribe to XBL so the Dlc is free.. it would be stupid to have to pay for dlc.


02-03-2004, 10:27 AM
I will not pay for maps or such over XBL , if they were to offer this on disk at the local game store i would consider it. But , being the more of a pc gamer its hard for me to want to pay for extras when on pc games most the mods and custom maps are free for download , Even some games on pc add extra content on there update patches wich are FREE.

I payed 50 bucks for XBL and 50 bucks a game , i Think iv don more then support the game industry. All in all iv probley spent in the high thousands on game stuff.

02-03-2004, 11:04 AM
look at ghost recon island thunder, if you didn't have the tom clancy demo disk then there would be levels that you would not have, and you would have to go pay $15 for. and it is in no way a companies resonsabilty to give you DLC, they do it out of a measure of good faith towards their customers. you think the $50 a year you pay for live should mean you get as much free DLC as you want? someone has got to pay for it, and the $50 a year is not gonna cover running xbox live and giving you a bunch of new FREE downloads. i guess my point is that it is great to have free downloads and new maps, but they cant keep doing it for free if they want to stay in business. so my point is that they should give you the rest of the downloads that they had planned for free, and make some new ones that they were not gonna do(because of budget restraints) for a small fee ($5-10)

02-03-2004, 11:42 AM
First of all PREMIUM DLC (PDLC)should be on a DVD DISK! Otherwise I'll have to buy 1 for every XBOX I own or play.

At $50 a game, I think that's enough to pay for any game with some DLC included. Especially when a new game is only worth $35 a day after you buy it for $50.

When I sell a used game on Ebay, I want to sell the DLC that I paid for too!

02-03-2004, 12:36 PM
Right on TRAmbrose, I don't feel like MS nor any game company owes me any content. 50 bucks a game is average market price for any new game, PC or console, and 50 bucks a year for XBL is peanuts for an awesome service, and most of us got voice comms and games to boot with our start-up subscription. Don't get me wrong, I love free stuff as much as the next guy, but they don't *owe* it to me. How many of you payed 50 bucks for non-XBL xbox games, PS2/1 games, or any other system that didn't include any additional free content. Most of you, I'm sure, so why would they owe it to us now for the same price tag? My whole point of this thread is this: In one hand, you have free content, which is super sweet, but a company can only produce so much of it before it becomes too much of an expense for an ageing game, it's simple economics. On the other hand, if they could make some money on the downloads, they could produce more content and would be willing to continue to produce content long after the free stuff was expended. Personally, I'd rather pay small fees to keep my great games alive than pinch pennies and have my game die out within 3 months due to boredom of the same ol' thing. I mean, which is the bigger expense in the long run? The extra 5-10 bucks you'd pay to keep the game, and the fun, alive and well for months to come? Or the 50-dollar dust collector in the shape of a DVD disc you have sitting on your shelf after just a few months, you tell me.

BTW, XBOX_Playboy, while I do agree that it would be sweet to have PDLC on game discs, it just wouldn't be smart at all. Since once you upload the stuff into your xbox, you no longer need the disc, they could be passed around to friends or even sold on ebay or something. They might as well just give it away for free, they'd see just about the same amount of money, lol.

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02-03-2004, 01:05 PM
I wouldn't mind paying for DLC. I don't want to but if that's what it takes to keep me busy until R64 comes out that's what I'll do. But on the flip side I think it would be smart of developers to produce enough free dlc to keep
people happy and playing until they plan to release their next game. I know I don't speak for everyone, but I'd be more willing to fork over $50 to a company that has kept me happy
than to one that nickle and dimes me to death on my current investment.

P.S. If it comes to paying for it, it should be avalible to your XBL account. That way the people that need two x-boxs only have to pay once. As longs as your XBL is on both of them.

02-04-2004, 09:51 AM
Welp if there gonna start chargeing for game content then they might as well just make a new game . Unless they release the stuff on a disk i wont be buying anything over XBL, Ill just go buy a new game, And if this DLC **** gets so bad , ill just start pc gameing more often then i have bin lately.

02-04-2004, 09:08 PM
Very well said Mgineer, I own Links 2004 and I had no problems paying for dlc. Down load content is what keeps games fresh and new and updated.

02-05-2004, 12:43 PM
Thanx charlie_nine, I'm glad someone agrees with me.

Overall, my point is not that they *should* charge for DLC, my point is that if it means more content, I'll gladly pay for it, as opposed to less, free content.

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02-07-2004, 12:17 PM
Sure, give me Premium Content. Just don't charge me to unlock content that is already on the disc. There are rumors flying around that that is exactly what is happening with Project Gotham Racing 2.


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