View Full Version : Some thoughts about the combat system

05-04-2015, 08:54 PM
As a person that never really paid enough attention to homm series after 3 and 4 part I am wondering why devs decied to change hexagonal field to a square one? Can someone explain me the reason? Because i dont see any and have friends that are into old-school hmm3 and are upset about the square field. So why not make it hex?

05-06-2015, 10:43 PM
I think they should go back to a hex grid

05-06-2015, 11:53 PM
I don't have a huge problem with the square grid but I don't really see why it was changed from hexes in the first place. Aesthetics possibly? :confused:

05-08-2015, 10:42 PM
ya, but... hexes are clearly superior to squares!

05-15-2015, 12:05 AM
Unit movement on a square grid is awkward, indeed. Movement points are rounded up for diagonal movement of any sort. It truly is a shame that squares are still being favoured in the series. After hearing that a persistent connection would not be required to have a fully featured single player mode, I would have considered pre-ordering the beautiful Collector's Edition if it were not for the square-grid fact. Well, that, and the expected bugs—I would be a fool to pre-order MMHVII knowing that MMHVI was not completely fixed (e.g. the bugged dynasty weapons).

05-29-2015, 10:37 PM
So we all agreed...