View Full Version : Length of Battles

04-30-2015, 05:51 PM
I pre-ordered Heroes 7 delux today and I am looking forward to playing the Beta.

Homm 5 was my favorite with over 500 hours of play time.
HoMM 6 looked great.
However, one thing killed the fun for me and I stopped playing Heroes 6 shortly after I purchased it.
The problem I had was the long battles in mid/late game.
In mid game battles lasted close to 30 minutes, and in late game they lasted longer than 45 minute.
That was too tedious for me.

In HoMM 5 battles in late game didn't last more than 20 minutes.
For me that was perfect.
45+ minute battles was way too long for me.

I was wondering if other players felt the same about the length of battles in Heroes 6.

I hope Ubisoft make sure that with Heroes 7 battles don't last too long.
If they do last long then I hope they add "Handicap" feature (like Starcraft 2) that controls the Hit Points for units.
Such feature will allow us to control the length of battles.