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04-12-2015, 03:03 PM
Just wanted to know is there any solution to make GRFS look better than what we have now? I'm talking about problems with lightning, shadows, fog and some textures
Maybe there's some mod or patch from fans to fix this? at least to fix some shadows like in the forest on the mission Valiant Hammer, lightning on Silent Talon etc.

For example -

http://youtu.be/wCOjL2Cz46A?t=3m13s (Xbox 360)

http://youtu.be/bFOMKNB0ouw?t=1h53m (PC)

https://youtu.be/UJPJSPRtCBA?t=3m8s (Xbox 360)

https://youtu.be/dX1wX8Mo9KU?t=1h14m27s (PC)