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CLASSIFIED EYES ONLY: :12030450 :First protocol:Evaluation of agent (s) Name: [REDACTED] Age [REDACTED] Country of birth [REDACTED} Ethnicity: White Caucasian.
Case 12030450

This is a case study of agent [
] Subject was trained in Camp 0A1B. passed first class Aptitude test, physical Examinations, Completed Field survival test 15 day isolation examination :
74.432421, 19.009968:

Agent Returned with no major issues, slightly malnourished, hydration levels where acceptable, still competent and coherent, noted, slight bruising to right knuckles, when questioned agent responded. "My right hand glove had become torn and was exposing my knuckles, during the exam using my right hand had made the area tender and prone to bruising" This Could be likely, materials for these gloves is substandard now, i will put a request into R&D to replace these with better equipment other equipment seemed to be suffering from similar degradation after only 15 days, at some point we will need to find a replacement for all training equipment.

05/06/1995 Case 12030450:

Completed Espionage evaluation: Agent [REDACTED] was stationed with NSA's THIRD ECHELON: Unit; [REDACTED]Report form: Irving Lambert: Agent; [REDACTED] has show skillful execution of orders. charged with retrieval of sensitive material. objective was executed with precision and no errors, however, during retrieval of information agent [REDACTED] was ordered to take 2 contacts. weapon was fired both shots missed targets, we are uncertain if this was agent error or weapon issue. agent was issued with a FN F2000 none lethal ammunition we are unsure if shots where accurate as none lethal rounds are still missed by the most skilled of operatives, Field agent report Sam FisherAgent [REDACTED] shows promise, execution of order's and ability is some of the best i have seen in years, but there was an issue with shots of 2 tranq darts, we are unable to determine if shots failed because of ability or weapon recommend weapons handling course. other than that your agent is outstanding please send more of this my way. When asked about the twice missed shots agent responded"Yes mam, i was issued with a FN F2000 with none lethal rounds, i made two shots at two individual contacts but both shots missed. i believed i had both shots lined up, however agent fisher advised that there is more to firing nonlethal rounds and proceed to subdue the targets" Something didn't seem totally accurate from the way he described his execution of the two missed shots, going on the advice of agent fisher, and sending to UK weapon and firearms training with Rainbow.


Completed Firearms and weapon handling: Hereford England: Report From: John Terrence Clark: Mrs Alice ***ate:Major Peter Covington: Domingo Chavez:John Terrence Clark: Assessment and certification of agent [REDACTED] has been interesting one day shooting sharper than anything I've seen before, then other days clearly having problems staying on target, we have noticed a slight issue with being able to shoot on cold days, right hand seems to swell, and agent mention of slight issues with stiffness of right hand, this was within his initial two weeks with us on the range. After spending some time with Ding and Covington, improvement went up ten fold always hitting his mark, Your agent has sharp skills and a deep respect for rank and team members, we are glad to have helped train your agent. Report From Peter Covington & Ding Chavez Top shooter after some training and tuning, it would appear that some damage had been made to his right hand during previous training exercise, evaluated this issue and handed to ding, Once Covngton had identified the issue with his right hand i showed some alternative techniques to help aid and keep shots on target after applying these techniques shots never missed. plenty of time spent on the firing range after this showed that he is a competent marksman. Evaluation and reports certified by Mrs Alice ***ate:


Final assessment of Agent [REDACTED] After completing all assessments and field tests, agent [REDACTED] Agent shows skill in all fields of duty, and holds a high regard for life preservation and has a high sense of duty, sometimes his judgment can be clouded by taking a little to long to asses a situation however these final issues can be ironed out with some more training however final verdict is fit for duty, would most likely excel as marksman.Recommend Agent [REDACTED} For Directive 51,http://www.wildfactor.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/approved1.jpg

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What an excellent thread.

I am too lazy for this, but kudos to you, this is absolutely amazing. Good work!

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Thanks very much, i must admit i took a little while, and it was formatted correctly but then it just got all jumbled up lol
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What an excellent thread.

I am too lazy for this, but kudos to you, this is absolutely amazing. Good work!

Me too LMAO, But I may post a (much) shorter story on the come-ups of my Squad =)

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Well god you do realize that I am gonna have to top this one. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED

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You know what would be awesome??? If some dev guys would take the ones some of us come up with and turn them into community dossiers in the next community wrap up!!

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Oh god I tried to do it but I can't I have ZERO patience for all this detail.

Bless you for your superhuman abilities

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haha, its one of them things you need to think about before you start writing, soo for me i started thinking about this at work at the start of the day just putting little notes down and once you have that kind of skeleton in place, it's so much easier to write,

at least thats how i found it :)

The interesting thing is these are real places within either real work, or Tom Clancy fition they are all people from TC games i've played over the years or books i've read,

and this is a real long and latitude
74.432421, 19.009968:

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You know what would be awesome??? If some dev guys would take the ones some of us come up with and turn them into community dossiers in the next community wrap up!!

Sorry for the Double P but that would be amazing i wonder if MrShade could do that for us ?

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CLASSIFIED EYES ONLY: :12030449 :First protocol: Evaluation of agent (s) Name: [James Conrad] Age [32] Country of birth [US] Ethnicity: White Caucasian. Case 12030449

Case study of James Conrad, Agent 0126.
Subject Qualifications: USMC Designated Marksman. 72 hour Survival Examination. Medical Examination. Aptitude test. Physical Examination. Combat Stress Psych Evaluation.

Report: 72 hour Survival Examination. Location: Manhattan.
Summary Evaluation: After 3 days subject presented good hydration, weight and hygiene.

Flagged Range Officer Report:
During one training instance subject was observed to move through built up area and come into contact with opposing force patrol. Despite parity of arms, subject went into hiding. Allowing them to pass.
When asked why he did not engage, subject responded “To my rear was a day-care creshe (this range was previously used by SWAT) and I was concerned that stray shots at me might penetrate the building. It didn’t seem like the right time (to engage.)”

Division Agent report; Instructor Kevin Adams; RE: Combat stress psych evaluation.
Applicant had previous aggression control training with prior marine corps bayonet drill. When aggression control was tested with the ‘combat stressors’ followed by the ‘problem solving’ section, subject demonstrated unusually high decompression speed, receiving top marks in problem solving section. Applicant demonstrated outstanding emotional control. Applicant dossier forwarded to the Division.

Division Agent report; Instructor Kevin Adams. RE: Skill at arms
Agent was observed to equip an X26 Tazer in a small pouch on the right forearm. When prompted to comment he stated “I may not want to kill everyone I meet. Besides, it only takes one shot.” Request put in for less than lethal weapons suite.

Final Evaluation: The agent has a proven track record of situational awareness in combat and high regard for life preservation in keeping with the best traditions of the Division. The verdict is that the agent is fit for duty and deployment to [Redacted].