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02-11-2015, 06:06 AM
So it looked like Jane’s Addiction has been leaked, here is the link - http://www.theriffrepeater.com/psn-leak-janes-addiction-dlc-coming-to-rocksmith-2014/
here is the songs
Been Caught Stealing
Jane Says
Just Because
Mountain Song
I came home really angry and I was really happy to see that Jane’s Addiction was leaked, but then got angry again as Stop is not coming, so I guess I will be waiting for along time for dlc I like.
but I'm starting to think that Stop has a deal that it can only be on Guitar Hero but no other music game, Dan can you please tell us if Stop was not added because you could not get it.

02-11-2015, 06:25 AM
Another GTA San Andreas song to cross off the list. :)

02-11-2015, 06:29 AM
THIS is how DLC should be IMO. Was unfamiliar with a couple of the songs, but after listening they not only sound great on guitar BUT bass as well. Welcome change with the amount of songs that get picked that have good guitar but lame bass that we seem to get.

02-11-2015, 06:51 AM
Nice DLC!!! Really like Dave Navarro's stuff!!

02-11-2015, 06:52 AM
Excellent. I'll probably get the whole pack, although I don't think I can listen to Been Caught Stealing anymore. I loved it on the first 500,000 listens, but I'm a little burnt on it now.

Stop is good, but for my money you can't beat Three Days. I guess it was just too long (i.e. too epic) to include in the pack.

Uncle Dead1y
02-11-2015, 10:21 AM
I really hope Dan hasn't put too much work into the clue before this came out, I know those puzzles take significant effort, and I know I would be annoyed if my hard work was ruined by this leak. If you did put a lot of effort in Dan, I feel for you!

On a positive, this is a band I requested, getting not just a 3 but a 5 pack, so I am super happy! GOOD bass-lines again, yes! Surprised by the inclusion of 'Jane says' being that it is only 2 chords over and over, several I would have picked over that but it probably wasn't their choice in this case, so I'm not complaining and I'll buy the pack immediately. Stoked!!!!

02-11-2015, 11:20 AM
Ditto on that. I also hope that the leak doesn't cause any issues with the planned release.

02-11-2015, 12:00 PM
Janes Addiction YES PLEASE!! This would be a top10 band for me. Please don't delay it. 5 incredible songs too!!

02-11-2015, 12:01 PM
PLEASE let the Jane's Says come off the Kettle Whistle album!!

02-11-2015, 02:09 PM
Mountain Song is fun to play in Bandfuse will be interesting to see how they chart it in Rocksmith. Lets cross our fingers and hope it comes out next week.

02-11-2015, 02:41 PM
I could easily pick 12 songs to make this a 12 pack, but I will buy these songs Tuesday morning they day they come out! Hopefully people keep requesting Janes Addiction to get all the songs we need!