View Full Version : CLUB COMPETITION RECRUITMENT Playstation 4

02-01-2015, 12:22 PM
Hello guys, our club is recruiting motivates*

players who really want to win club competition.
In addition to this we have won 5 club comp, and we are in*
Gold division 1*

If u love the challenge and you want to play
ACU come join us.*

need more motivates players who don't want
to give up earning all the gear*

So contact me XxELCADEJOxX or shattoo44 or apply for our club [*
ATLY] "AltairsLLegacyy" and tell us a brief description of how you would
Be a great member for the club

We are not too demanding about rank type*
even if most of us are crazy fans and legend*
rank with 100% on the game, we are looking*
just for crazy fans like us and that like to have fun.*

Thanks hope to see u soon