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01-31-2015, 06:36 PM
Okay, I've seen so much hate for this game at the Shadow council and I wanted to figure out why.
I personally feel it's pretty cool,looking at the amazing amount of detail put in terms of graphics and overall feel and yeah, I agree it really frustrates you when the factions aren't balanced sometimes and the AI is really dumb, but overall I think it's a pretty neat game which gets more hate than it deserves.

My rating for it is 6.5/10
Give you rating and tell me what you think.

01-31-2015, 07:11 PM
I'm probably not the best to respond to this since I don't really hate Heroes VI either. But I do think it's a somwhat weak entry in the series, even if I did enjoy playing the game on occation. It just never played 'great' to me, and it's a little hard to answer why tbh. Faction imbalance is one thing, for me the factions also kind of felt... I dunno, lackluster, in a way. Kind of bland and too similar (mecanically, not in terms of appearance). Playing one faction never felt really all that different to another faction. Units lacked character in a way, even if they were nice-looking. There were also way too many healing units, making it so that each battle lasted longer because players wanted to heal. Adding to the blandness was the fewer resources to keep track of. I'm also not a fan of the skill system and almost always go the same route with every hero since it it's most efficient.

I dunno, these are just some things that irked me from the top of my head. They might not seem like much, but it all adds up....

EDIT: Oh yeah, I'd probably rate it 6/10

01-31-2015, 08:16 PM
I hate heroes of might and magic 6, because it has nothing to do with the previous HoMMV my vote is 4/10 for the following reasons:

1) First of all the number of races, it is not possible that we have to play a game of this series with only five races. (six with DLC and is Dungeon -.-).
2) The basic breeds were not put all, the lack of wizards and that of the sylvan elves.
3) The new faction, that of the sanctuary, is really disgusting, and to make matters worse the Dungeon now we have a third race that has to do with the elves, they could very well put only the sylvan.
4) The units of certain races are disgusting, beginning with how they ruined the necropolis, and as still want to ruin with HoMMVIII, it is not possible that a faction that call necropolis not put the zombies, the zombies are a must for that faction, instead they put lamasu that have nothing to do ****.
5) The story is not as engaging in the fifth.

This game is a demonstration of how not just the graphics to let you play, but the developers have to make choices sane and not by jerks as they did in six.

01-31-2015, 10:10 PM
[SIZE=4]I hate heroes of might and magic 6, because it has nothing to do with the previous HoMMV my vote is 5/10

Wait. You hate it, but you would still give it 5/10? :confused:

02-02-2015, 12:45 AM
The new faction, that of the sanctuary, is really disgusting.
Sanctuary was awesome for me. I liked the style, the lore, and the game play.

02-02-2015, 01:58 AM
Also enjoyed the storyline of that campaign, and riding around on the water. But yeah, nothing wrong with the units and style. VI was the first I played of the series, so I didn't actually realise Sanctuary was brand new - seemed well developed.

Edit: was confused for a moment, thought I was in the Sanctuary dedicated thread lol. As for the game itself, I found it really wore me out with the difficulty - mainly with the mad AI army growth, and what seemed to be pretty much forcing me to maintain one main army, and then not being able to be in two places at once with sufficient forces. The "tutorial" campaign second mission was particularly annoying as an intro to this concept as there was no portal back to town (or do I forget?) and when the AI was marching towards the capital, it was like a car crash in slow motion - there was no way you could catch up.

Comparing that to the Warlords TBS games that I played apparently instead of HoMM in the '90s, the large number of cities a player had meant there were distractions, and armies being produced for defence, between an AI player and the human capital! Plus I think the AI just wasn't as good.

I eventually got through the Haven campaign in MMHVI but haven't gone back to playing, mainly due to the grind factors - just getting through missions; levelling even one dynasty weapon to a good level; UPlay rewards; and just putting up with the mouse stuttering. Even if they just fix the mouse for VII though, and reduce the grinds a tad, I think I'm going to get into this one.

02-02-2015, 06:51 PM
the translator used, I feel if it is not understood. H6 lost everything what the previous ones dyed .:H5: 1 - entertains you looking for the types of minerals and mines, to be able to construct since there were 6 types. 2 - the battles were entertained, whereas in H6 lasted very much because you could re-live to the troops through too 3 - through the diversion of being construct the towers of magic and having the illusion of which they were touching you the magics that you wanted.. In summed up, H6 remove everything entertained of the game and it did a simple and boring game. he feels if it is not understood very well, I am Spanish and understand a little English, but not so much and use the traductor.sorry:)

02-02-2015, 09:52 PM
The skill system just made all my plays the same, because the hero itself was just the name and avatar, everything else was the same, so that was lame. Other thing is a lot of healing as people said.

And the thing that make me dislike it most is that everything is too far away in the maps. You had to walk a lot to get stuff just to justify the 3D world and its proportions. To balance this they added the teleport feature. That made the game worst, because now I have no consequence on getting away with my heroes and could make strategies to get other heroes away from their towns because they just needed to teleport.

I too think that the creatures lost some personality.

It wasn't the worst heroes imo, I liked it better than 4 and 5 tbh. Now I'm excited with hmm7 because they removed the teleport feature, went back to the old town portal and the maps appears to be better too.

02-03-2015, 02:59 AM
You wanted a list of everything that made the Heroes 6 version of the franchise soo bad; where do I begin?!
Well lets start with:

- The attitude from the developers that the game is not yet finished or good enough and still filled with bugs, but we are releasing it anyways. The silence towards the fan community that insumed for months after the realsed, and then all of a sudden: hey you have a completely different studio working on the game and fixing the issues now that should have been repaired before the release.
- The lack of wanting to be creative or spend money on the game much as H7 has now stated the main reason for not having 3D town screens is too much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$. Sure if you want to go with that.
- The fact that every faction plays the same and does not feel unique.
- Windows, Windows, Windows everywhere I feel like I am running a desktop computer and not a video game. Prime example: Spell book was removed for a spell windoooooooow. :/
- Enough with the DLC. Fans want expansion packs with full content.
- The fact that my menu button sizes 50 pixels by 50 pixels. Why was everything in game so small? I like the big sized buttons in the H7 screenshots because the developers have now fixed this issue. O.o
- The lack of spells
- Spell cool down time. No. Noooooooooooo!
- The fact that every single hero from every single faction could be recruited in the tavern. Keep it minimal. Keep it faction specific.
- Removing war machines.
- Re using hero icons for more than 1 hero, when in H5 everyone was identified by face, and had a name, and there own unique icon.
- The fact that I can't play online without keeping my save data under 10 save files at a time. here is an idea: play online, save to hard drive. >:
- The colors are all way to sparkly. Like fabulous, and also not very realistic.
- The fact that 3 of the haven units all look identical, and the other factions copied the same looks and just changed shapes and colors.
- You hero is not involved directly in combat and the fact they do not actually attack, but call on some sword of god that comes down to rain damage on the enemy.
- Removing the tavern information window on global ranks compared to other playing members in the game.
- Re using all the same old music
- The turned based (literally) combat. Unlike the unique style of battle found in H5. Now that was great and more strategic than the square combat system of heroes 6.
- The fact that the game takes foreverrrrrrrrrr! to beat just one map. It gets boring. :(
- I know the whole blood and tears thing was a trial and error. mostly error.
- Teleporting from your town to any other town was easy. It made the game less strategic.
- Also taking a whole slew of mines with just one town/fort.
- The strictness of the hot key settings. Why can`t I rotate the map with right mouse, only with ctrl key? Why can I not swap hero positions in town with space bar? Why can't I finish turn with enter key, but only with e key? Just Why?
- Only 5 factions to start and only 1 addition with the expansion.
- Duel mode is way to ornery. The computer is not easy on easy mode nor is it hard on heroic mode. It never changes.
- Rather than having a proper skill wheel, they just settled for the terrible what ever it was that we got, and again there is nothing faction specific.
- Using abilities points to get a new spell was >: No! Skill points are for skills not learning spells.
- I can't connect to any online match without it crashing. H5 I can ...
- When I rotate the camera it does not stay where I want it in the rotated position. Made me mad.
- No 3D town screens.
- No transforming (alternate upgrades) units
- The removal of caravans.

The underlining thing here is the fact that they removed everything that was good, messed up everything that was new, and said with a straight face that they were dirt poor as to the reason why they did anything that they did such as everything mentioned.

02-04-2015, 02:45 PM
@ MrD69
I don't want to spam or anything but some statement are just a matter of taste.
For example - i like the Sanctuary faction.
- i like the blood/tear ideea
- the initiative points of creatures
- that they got rid of caravans, pain in the a.. in H5, they got stuck in trafic etc.
- i like spells cool down (don't like that at 100 spell power Implosion hits with 3,5k damage o.O)
- I like the area of control from the towns, would of loved that there was kingdom area of control.

But the rest i agree with you.

for H6 id give 7.5/10

02-04-2015, 08:27 PM
Different strokes I guess. Heroes VI is my favorite of the series and I've played all of them. I acknowledge III was landmark to the time, but every unit in Heroes VI has more individual strategy than predecessor games. Previous games had units that would "just walk forward and hit" or "just shoot"; now every unit has special abilities/traits to make them unique.

02-04-2015, 09:50 PM
Some of the problems I had with heroes 6

The skill system while less luck based... also is kind of boring... in that it isn't perfectly balanced so people will mostly just go for the same skills over and over again and not much to racial differences makes things kind of less unique and interesting between the races... The good thing about the random skills is that it makes things change so your hero isn't the same way every single game as that is the best and most effective way of doing things... While yes the randomness can force you into some bad or unwanted skills but then you need to find a way to make the most of what you have
While yes the whole blood/tear thingy while being interesting I felt like tear was in most cases better (here I might be wrong as it has been a while since i have played it)
And the conversion of towns makes things more convenient... but also more boring as you pretty much would never bother mixing troops as it would mostly not be worth it
the town portals yes I do like the kind of.. but I also dislike them as with just getting an advanced town portal in a good position... (or just sitting on the resources to build one when needed) made it so you could just offensively gather up all your units and go on the offensive with little to no risk if you just have some vision so you can see the enemy coming so you have a little time to teleport back home to defend if needed be.. I think there should be a bit more to defense then simply being able to use the town portals to just get your whole army to defend in the blink of an eye...
And yes it was a mess at launch... clearing the whole map with Necropolis with healing and necro ability while just using ghosts spamming defend (for defense bonus and permanent spirit form or whatever that 50% damage reduction was called)

I actually liked that they remade initiative to simply be turn order... because as it was in heroes 5 it simply was just such an insanely strong stat and I feel it was a bit unbalanced how strong it was (Mass haste/mass slow was pretty darn strong)... and it made some units rather hard to make use of especially as most "slow" units had both low speed/movement and initiative at the same time
The initiative stat as it was in heroes 5 was really interesting though and it could possibly be good if made a bit more balanced (and there should be few things affecting it as it is such a strong stat to alter)
The biggest advantage to the heroes 6 way of doing it... is it is simple and easy to understand and rather straight forward if you have higher initiative you will move first (last if you wait)

02-04-2015, 10:51 PM
I felt that the skill/level system just made it too easy to make it harder for oneself, by taking things that weren't as good - either way, balance is paramount, but I think possibly easier when they just offer you pairs? (from what I've seen in the new III HD edition) of skills to choose from.

The dynasty levelling system made it so one would ALWAYS choose XP over gold from the chests and such, which I think had a negative impact on things, especially with how long a grind that levelling process was. I really don't think replayability was great enough for that.

02-08-2015, 03:24 AM
Look, you just gotta understand something first, something you and other "supporters" of the edition 6 keep missing. Anything done to disrupt the core gameplay ruleset and deviates from the standard is bound to make it a different game - it is not something you can imitate or recreate easily! If you change the key points you are creating a different game, therefore the H6 can never be a Heroes game, but an imitation of it. You really need a lot of skill and luck for an imitation to be good (HoMM, LoL, Counter strike, Unreal, etc.). And you need to make it clear it is such a case that you are imitating(bleh, read: "being inspired by", like Heroes of M&M were inspired by King's Bounty).

And you ppl gotta finally understand the difference between imitation and continuation - the first is a production of a game that only looks like the predecessor, which in the case of any good game noone ever really wants, but it can turn out good. The continuation, the thing the majority obviously wants, is a game that works under same core, but has new campain, new units, and -if possible!- improved visuals and aspects(or what is called to "be creative"). Priorities should be clear.
That isn't hard to grasp. HoMM 4 kept the essential rules: it tried to be creative in making heroes and units stand alone. HoMM5 also kept the essential rules: it tried to be creative with the skill wheel. Both games are still a recognizable HoMM game, noone will argue that one!

Derived from that said, we can define what the HoMM players want:

-same, or even higher number of factions: the game is heavily focused on the diversity and multiplay
-same balance: the said factions need 2 key things, diversities and balance - loose one and you loose all.
-same chess-like tactical appeal: a turn based tactical combat guided by key rules: you get an army, you must fight in order to win, you loose troops. The better player wins.
-same ruleset: the stats, the magic, the resources, the town structure, the units: all rules under witch those operate are not to be touched! Make a new unit or a spell, but if you cannot maintain balance, then you're best not to touch that and noone will blame you (unless you go with the unappealling visuals)
-same map visibility: the need to clearly see the interactive parts on a discovered part of the map, and to navigate it easily.

And that, my friends, is all there is! This is a core of a sucsess that is called HoMM. I can bet that most of you would agree.

The reasons why H6 isn't a HoMM:

-The ruleset is completely different: it can be arguably praized as an idea alone, but the failed balance speaks well enough on how inferior it is to HoMM standard rules. Also, the goal of the HoMM game is to fight and win, clear as a day. No tears, except those cried by Asha. The no1 reason the H6 isn't a HoMM - the rules are tampered with in a way that they deviate too far from the core. It's clearly a case of different rules-different game!
-the visuals are favored over diversity and tactic: one of the main reasons the game is, again, inferior to predecessors. Because, what good is a graphic if it obstructs the game, in development and inside the game? What good is a load of animation when all the advanced players will skip/disable it? Are we playing a quick-time FPS or do we play this like a proper tb strategy, over and over, with our friends? Why is there a bucket of animation and only a handful of factions/resouces then?
-the revert to King's Bounty is very painfuly obvious: the reason, please. I would like to hear a single good reason why after 5 editions HoMM goes back to the roots it separated from, and as it did made it's own path and aquired a cult status as a different game. And I'm still waiting. When did we say we'd like the control points for mines and unit dwellings, for example? When did we say we'd like KB back as a point of influence in the first place?

There you go. So, why do we really "hate" the H6? Because it is not HoMM and bears the name. It looks like a unbalanced, content-cheap, visually over-the-top failed imitation of it, bearing a fanbase-supported name. Only satisfaction I get from it is describing it with a combo of borderline insults.
It really can't be more obvious why, so either you missed the point of the classic editions or you're too casual a gamer to really care. I like to play HoMM in particular, and when it isn't there under the title, I feel mistreated. They say that once u seen better u can't go back, and they're right. Human nature I guess.

Contrary to what the devs stated on how some of the community members are overreacting up to the point of using profanities, I say: it is us who should be careful what we say, but it is not us that should get your attention: it is you that should get ours. There's a lot of ppl that are sensitive to someone being a developer-tier dense, as are those that are sensitive to a community-tier profane, but unless both groups change - we cannot make a benefit. You're selling a product. Talk to us in a way that it will matter.
We can atleast try and talk to one another, can we? OP asked a question to why we "hate" H6. When will the devs ask such a thing? When will they ask us to make a list of what we mostly expect in HoMM game for example, not their edition alone, but the game in general, like list I made here?

It isn't even a big list, it has 5 segments. The MMH7 failed 2 already(1.lack of factions while over-the-top visuals, 2.KB/H6 rules and KB/H6 units prefered over HoMM). See? I have a 2 out of 5 crossed and the game is fairly in development! Where was the question of do we even approve such a development plan?

Question about our core expectations for HoMM-titled game is the most important question of all. You (if any dev is reading) are making us deal with trivial matters without fully summarizing and understanding our core expectations! You make us vote factions( :eek: ). You wish to make us ultimately buy something that isn't even content-levelled with the previous editions - least of all something that improves or tops that( :confused: ). This is why all new devs mostly fail the development, over and over again. You disregard our core expectations. You don't even ask what matters to us most before starting! Why-oh-why, when it is obvious now (again) that you don't know what we actually want?

I am convinced that all I said is more than just my humble observation. This,OP and readers here, is why there is never more than roughly 30% heroes players that don't approve heroes 4 and 5, while there's probably well over 60% dissaproving H6. I think I got the right % here, based on overall statements. That's without the arguable matter of how well can someone understand all this if he's only played 5 and 6, or 6 alone.

My counter-question to you OP is: what is your list of core features of HoMM that should be present in a good sequel? Maybe we can both understand each other better, you saw mine.

My H6 rating is 3/10, btw. As a standallone game it would get 4/10 mostly due to content and balance, bearing heroes title gets it down by 1, imo.

02-11-2015, 08:41 PM
Never have hate towards Heroes 6, i find it sad that they not recycle factions from it for Heroes 7.

03-02-2015, 10:39 PM
a) The bugs

b) The BUGS

c) The incompetence and/or lack of will to fix THE DAMN BUGS !!!

03-03-2015, 05:08 PM
For me heroes 6 look "to happy" i like the most heroes 3 and while i played 6 it just felt wrong

03-04-2015, 07:31 PM
I won't get caught up in too much minutia, but H6 some major problems that made the smaller stuff much easier to sweat.

1. Poor, clunky, beast of a map editor. This series has been successful for years precisely because of fan made maps.
2. Too few factions. If 9 exist in Ashan and we only have 6 available at its peak, the game was lacking.
3. Buggy.
4. The DRM or UPlay. This always online thing in order to play the FULL game was ridiculous. If I had a dollar for every time we got booted from it, I could retire.
5. The Tears/Blood thing was a good idea that needed a great deal more development. Frankly, it should have been expanded with more 'steps' at least.
6. Too few of the old, tried and true heroes from series past. Don't need them all, but there being so few really damaged continuity.
7. Your choices of heroes to play against were far too limited. Two per faction? Yet I could play AS so many? Weird.
8. Resource system was broken from jump. Too few. Variables also keep the game challenging.
9. Too few scenario maps.
10. Two dimensional, often cheating AI.
11. The skill system also took out variables. The H5 system was great, skill wheel, ultimate faction skill, and all.
12. Magic was pretty de-emphasized due to the lack of mage guilds. Spells as skills? Nope.
13. Surprising lack of diversity among the heroes. Other faction creatures as heroes and much more human diversity would have improved it.

Those are my main gripes. A couple of positives:

1. It was beautiful.
2. Sanctuary. It became my favorite to play with.
3. Artifacts sets and Dynasty weapons. I did like those.

03-11-2015, 09:20 AM
Homm 6 does not have re playability because in the whole game only the campaign is worth playing since the game gets pretty repetitive quickly, I find that the main reason that it gets boring is because of the creature numbers.

The way numbers work just limit the player to have 1 good hero (with all the army) and this limits all the strategy in the whole game. There must be a limit to let the player have several heroes that can compete with other heroes (if a hero has all the creatures from the start of the game with him he will destroy any hero that does not) The way i would do it is cap the number of creatures per tire for

example the faction has
CORE creatures: 100
ELITE creatures: 50
CHAMPION creatures: 20
(these numbers are just for the example)

now the Hero can get 100 creatures from the 3 different core creatures available to the faction in HOMM 6 case a demon hero can for example get 40 succubus, 20 maniac, 40 Cerberus, same goes for the other two tiers. This would give a little diversity to the creature system and make it easier to balance the hero destructive spells (in HOMM6 destructive spells are useless). It is tiring to have 150 Champion creatures that destroy everything or ranged creatures that destroy half of the enemy pack instantly.

Also there can be a spell of the highest tier that allows the hero to go into combat (sortof like boss fights)

HOMM 6 features that I didn't like:
Creature system
Skill system (different until one finds the best combination)
lack of strategy in the main map and in the combat map
No alternate upgrades
Neurtal fights can be won without losing any creatures (especially necropolis OP healing powers)

Good Features:
Blood and Tears system (good idea can be implemented better)
Boss battles
nice creature powers but some are never used
Graphics,Effects and animations

This is all I can remember it has been long since i played it,
This being said I would only recommend players to play HOMM6 only if they have nothing else to play.

Rating HOMM6 6/10 (Games I recommend are 8 or higher)

04-22-2015, 09:06 PM
I will number the ways I hate homm6.
1)They didn't want anyone to call it homm6, instead they wanted people to call it mmh6? Why? What possible gain is there to change the name of the line of games?
2)The game was beautiful, but gameplay was broken. Gameplay focused on rezzing even from the very first fight.
3)The A.I. was horribly stupid tactically, but was cheating b@$tards on the map, because they made it obvious they knew exact movement counts and the whole map even if they hadn't explored it.
4)The skill "wheel", "table" (poke at you homm7 devs) made it so really, every might hero was more or less the same, and every magic hero more or less the same. Making it so you had complete choice made it so there was really only 3 or 4 good choices, and no hard choices.
5)Forced online, for no particular value adds other than the conflux and weapons, even though nobody wanted the conflux and the weapons could have been offline w/o a problem.
7)My wife and I really liked to play homm5, but we couldn't play homm6 together. ever. the game was just "broken". Look at the homm6 forums for proof.

it gets a 2/10 from me.
Forgot three:
8)If you tried to play hotseat, you couldn't name your faction, and you were stuck with a "<color> player's turn next", which was TRUELY AGGRIVATING. Try walking into a room of 5 people and being like, "hey, who was color blue?". NOBODY remembers their color. Why couldn't we choose the name?
9)The online would go down and the game would need updates, but it couldn't update and then you couldn't play the game.
10) The only response I ever received from about 10 crash reports was "hey, turn off background applications. turn off antivirus." (WTF? I have 8 GB RAM). so basically, they didn't even look at the cause of the crashes. Just copy/pasted same old rhetoric even though it didn't apply to me at all.

04-24-2015, 08:22 PM
As someone who had played all the HOMM series since they first started, and plenty of other similar games on top, I just found it boring. I didn't stop long enough to find out why.

What do I expect from the game that it hasn't delivered since Homm II?

1. Better graphics and sound - that should be a given, but even that hasn't been consistently delivered. II was pretty good for it's time. That can't be said for a single release since. I know lots like III, but it was drab & dreary compared to II and the music was a lot weaker.
2. Better interface - usually it's worse.
3. Something new that's better - usually new things are for the worse.
4. Decent MP - never happened IMO (III was OK for the time, even if deeply flawed, but since has been an absolute joke)

Really there hasn't even been a half-decent iteration since III. Anyone who thinks there has probably didn't start playing until that point and so lacks perspective. You can only compare games to other games at the same time, not to something that was released 10 years later on 100x more capable hardware.

04-28-2015, 01:12 PM
I don't hate Heroes 6, I mean I had great game on it. I freaking love the sanctuary and all the japanese folklore they extract to create it. It is really cool and I hope I will see it again in a MMH7 expansion or in another sequel.

But I have some puns to deliver :

Bugs, a lot of them. So much at the game release that I almost give up playing, kind of disappointing for a 150 collector edition...
No town screen at launch, but it has been corrected.
Impossible to play online... I was pretty excited to farm the game while I was moving to my new apartment with the internet not already setted up. I let you wonder my disappointment (again)
The skill choice is cool but after a few game I was always choosing the same thing.
The balance of the economy, not that being block to 4 resources brought me sad but I had difficulties to collect the needed amount.
The map was not always clear
No map generator and not enough scenario.

But exept those points i mean, I think the game is kinda beautiful and almost all the faction are cool (All except the inferno...) the combats was really interesting and strategic (but sometimes too long because of the healing/regen available)

My main concern is that the Sanctuary never comes again because of the poor reputation the game has.... It will be a shame!

04-28-2015, 09:29 PM
I didn't hate Hereos 6 but i found 5 to be far better in several ways.

In Heroes 6 i didn't like the non-linear story line. I should mention i dont' play multiplayer i generally just do the campaigns. I couldn't follow the plot and it was disappointing. I rather have linear story play for better plot.

the limited races were weak. You had some great ones in Heroes 5 like the drawves. I really liked those.

Story line i enjoy the evil races the best. The demons and the necros are my favorites. In Hereos 5 i loved what the Necros did. How, I forgot his name, tricked and used Queen Isabel into ressurecting her lover only for him to become a vampire. Oh snap! The demons were ok, i rather play them as bad but it was interesting anyways. Realag story was amazing how he became a demon then freed himself... awesome. In hereos 6 they were all the good guys it was lame. I much rather have a plot where a few evil factions mess things up then you play the other factions to restore it to right. Or like warcraft 3 did with the expansion the frozen throne and such. Amazing story line there.

The huge maps felt lazy. Only for maps per race was bad. I rather have like dozen so it dont' get so cumbersome. A long one here and there is fine but i felt like it could be so much better.

What i did like is the dynstay weapons but there were far too many. Should be rare. In the end this became cheap for me since i did use the Urgash sword to summon juggernauts pretty much the start at each level. Became a bit overpowered. Also i liked how item sets transfered over to the next map. That was cool.

I liked the blood and tears but there were problems when playing to get them and not enough moral choices. For example: I want more blood points so i walk up to a group of creatures who wish to join me. I refuse. Then they want to run. I have to refuse again. Then i have to fight them to gain blood points. From a effiecency stand point i don't want to do this. Not only do i wastes troops but i risk my own as well. If you do blood and tears in 7 do the folllowing to gain it. Lets say you have to hunt rebels. You go to a town gather the town folk. You can either earn their trust by helping them or slaughter them till they tell you. Blood and tears. Don't make the choice costly to your progress in the game make it emotional instead.

As for balance i have no idea. Never played online.

The graphics were good so well done there.

Oh the skills were boring. It made it so you basically had the same might or magic hero for each race. I think some specialization is called for. Undead have a black magic tree. Elves have life magic. Drawves runes. Wizards has prime speciality. And so on. Same for might hero's. Have the humans have different abilities that the orcs and what not. Make each race abilities unquie not the same.

I would perfer more story, since that is the only reason i play this. To me a good story wins every time.

I did like the boss fights just fyi.

overall the game is 6/10. I played through it once and have no desire to do it again. For Heroes 5 i have played through multiple times.

Hope 7 will see good improvements that i had listed above.

04-29-2015, 12:12 PM
I still do play heroes 6, but thats only because i lost my other versions...

Why Hate it.

1) bugs, which are not resolved...
like,, when in multplayer, use-ing Dynasty weapons, if you leave the dynasty weapon on your charater, 99% chance you get an "OUT OF SYNC"
Take it off before you save, no OUT OF SYNC...
2) A big miss is, SAME TURN, we play alot in 2 play multiplayer, agains computer, then same turn saves a lot of time in the beginnen..
3) NO Random map creation.. !
4) to many bugs at release.. alternative name for HOMM6 = "OUT OF SYNC"

score 4/10
HOMM 5, ..8/10

04-30-2015, 05:20 PM
HoMM 6 looked great.

But one thing killed the fun for me and I stopped playing the game shortly after I purchased it.
The problem I had was the long battles in mid/late game.

In mid game battles lasted close to 30 minutes, and in late game they lasted longer than 45 minute.
That was too tedious for me.

In HoMM 5 battles in late game didn't last more than 20 minutes.
For me that was perfect.
45+ minute battles was way too long for me.

I hopethey make sure that with HoMM 7 battles don't last too long.

04-30-2015, 07:52 PM
HoMM 6 looked great.

But one thing killed the fun for me and I stopped playing the game shortly after I purchased it.
The problem I had was the long battles in mid/late game.

In mid game battles lasted close to 30 minutes, and in late game they lasted longer than 45 minute.
That was too tedious for me.

I hopethey make sure that with HoMM 7 battles don't last too long.

Yes better scalling is indeed required for a better game experience (exponential army growth without more random factors is just bland, long and boring).

Despite its decent graphics and recruitment system somehow it felt like a DLC for HoMM 5 (still playing it and loving its mechanics evan after all this time).

That and the "enormous" (not kidding) desyncs and crashes (I wanted to alt+tab just to find my save game corrupted too :/) aswel as multiple bugs which were not fixed for more than a year (see 3rd mission before the succubus fight) etc , were simply a joykiller (no it was not the pc).

05-01-2015, 12:16 PM
but i didn't enjoy H6 as much as any other of the serie.

fist of all ; I play Wizard since H2, it really is my fav faction, after them is the Dwarf from H5, so without my 2 fav factions i was disappointed.

secondly : as a wizard i find the magic really poor in H6, i think the cooldown system not entirely bad but there wasn't enough spells

thirdly : the campagn was too long, in fact each scenari wasd too long, and for someone like me who don't like playing necro i had to spend too much time with them.

fouthly : i didn't find originalty in the campagn, in most of the map all you had to do was passing your turn waiting for a big army and go

finally even if the idea of dynastie's weapon was good, playing with friend on a single PC was hard because we didn't unlock the same things.

not everything was at loss, i find sanctuary interresting, tear/blood system wasn't so bad.

So i give H6 4/10.


05-01-2015, 09:46 PM
After Heroes 3 I was naive enough to buy the next iterations as soon as they were showing up in stores, now I'll wait until I know what kind of AI there is, because after Heroes 6 I have enough of cheating.

DEVs, if you're reading this, plllease avoid 2 things:

1. Insane spawning of creatures for AI players. It's not that playing is too hard then, because it's doable, but it is frustrating and gives an impression as if you're playing against a very primitive mechanism, not against an AI. You can make players play with tens of units against thousands of them and computer will win only with retaliation strikes then, yeah it's harder but what does it have to do with strategy? It's a strategy game FFS so implement a proper AI which must actually abide the game's rules.
In the 80s they were able to design better AIs than seen these days, and computers had then RAM measured in kilobytes and CPUs measured in single MHz. There are decently playing chess programs which are several kilobytes big so don't excuse yourselves that it is impossible to do a decent AI in the AAA title. Yeah I know that gfx sells the game but it's a cult strategy game, not just a milking cow, FFS.

2. I don't want to see a computer player charging the shortest path straight at me in the very first turns from the other corner of the underworld map - I want it first to explore, find resources and artefacts, gather an army, find me and then attack - fog of war must apply to AI too!

I have other wishes but they're not that important and probably impossible at this stage of development, like coming back to hex grid instead of the square one.
Anyway if you want me and many other players (and there's really a lot of them hating the cheating AI) to buy the game outside some 1$ bundle in a year or two only for completeness sake, you better reconsider if this game is only about gfx, or maybe about strategy too.

05-05-2015, 12:28 AM
i first hated the sixth because the city was no more 3d! we can't turn around see what a sylvan tree look like or everything else
i've not been able to pass praticaly any level of the extended version no mather what

the only positive point?

paid 9,99$ on a steam sale

05-05-2015, 05:46 PM
Okay, I've seen so much hate for this game at the Shadow council and I wanted to figure out why.

At least in the atrocities of Heroes of Might and Magic 5 they remembered what their game was called. Since we waded into the cesspit of "Might & Magic Heroes" 6, and now 7, I really think they've forgotten what it was the HOMM series was doing so much that they can't even get their own name right anymore. Please end the pain. The 'HD' HOMM 3 didn't even include the expansions so I just play my complete version on GOG, way to go on dropping yet another ball Ubisoft. You've done more to wreck the series than if you'd just left it at 5 and admitted defeat; unfortunately some people enjoy the graphics ride more than the rest of the game park, I hope Ubisoft loses so much money on 7 that they are forced to quit the field. I beg anyone that reads this. HOMM is dead, don't let the flashy graphics on its zombified corpse fool you.

05-06-2015, 06:00 PM
I don't know if I'd say I HATED Heroes VI, but I was definitely disappointed by it, and I think it's the only one in the series that I quit the campaign halfway through due to boredom. I may not have finished all the Heroes Campaigns, but if I quit on the others it was due to being frustrated by a particular scenario.

Why didn't I like it?

Strategic options on the campaign map which have been getting narrower with every release since HOMM2 in my opinion, hit rock bottom in HOMM VI. The stacks seemed to be balanced so you couldn't split your forces and expand in two directions at once without taking too many casualities, so you had to maintain one powerful stack and use it for all combats. To make this practical, there's all kinds of teleportation abilities, which further reduced the need for secondary heroes. Then you have enemy heroes teleporting in and attacking your towns every two weeks, so you're constantly teleporting around and you never have a sense of sending a hero to explore in a particular direction. I just found it got tedious.

While the blood/tears thing was interesting in principle, I agree with somebody who commented that tears seemed to be generally better because you could preserve your troops. And troop preservation seemed to be the name of the game because (at least at normal difficulty), troops were the only resource that was scarce.

As someone else stated, city conversion meant that you never mixed troop types and had to make the strategic decision to balance the advantage of adding a new troop to its negative impact on morale. It also reduced your interest in developing heroes of different races.

Hero types didn't seem as different as in previous versions, other than might vs magic. Heroes V had its own flaws, but at least the different heroes felt different.

In summary, my main complaint was that I found Heroes VI to have a limited range of strategies that could actually work, and I became bored with doing the same things over and over again, regardless of what kind of hero/town I was playing. Maybe that was partly a limitation of mine that I couldn't see how to make other approaches work, but I just found with earlier HOMM's, I saw more potential uses for secondary hero stacks, heroes specializing in different things, and different ways of mixing troops (grouping units by speed rather than by town type for example).

05-06-2015, 10:34 PM
there are things I liked and things I didn't like, about homm6:

liked: dynasty traits
liked: graphics
liked: music and sound effects
liked: mine and dwelling ownership being tied to forts/area controls

didn't like: the way spells were implemented
didn't like: lack of wizard faction
didn't like: orc faction
didn't like: broken-*** poorly designed UI
didn't like: bugs and crashes constantly in multiplayer
didn't like: sanctuary faction
didn't like: squares being used instead of hexes. BRING BACK HEXES!
didn't like: dynasty weapons
didn't like: dynasty pets always getting in the way of my mouse pointer and making me misclick!
didn't like: lack of cinematic cut-scenes between campaign missions
didn't like: conversion scenes (converting forts, upgrading reputation level)
didn't like: not having to skip a turn when entering/exiting a boat
didn't like: small maps, and not enough multiplayer maps
didn't like: gold mines only give +500/day
didn't like: not being able to choose certain hero specializations when creating a new hero (elite trainer, for ex.)
didn't like: over-simplification of resource management (only 4 resources? seriously??)

05-15-2015, 08:05 AM
My top 10 Lists, there are more but 3 of them already what pisses me most that really hit hard:
1. Area of Control implementation where everything is pooled. Good idea on paper but extremely bad on implementation
2. Town Convert: combine with number 1. You got the most boring strategy game ever, there is no chance for army mixing and everything is dumb down to literally dumb level
3. Dynasty system. Yet another good on paper but poor implementation. It's actually a concealed DRM and I hate DRM no mater how pretty you pack them with.
4. Unreasonably expensive DLC
5. Bugs, unplayable using NVIDIA, only playable after several patch
6. Bad skill system, no different style of playing whatsoever, the spell is implemented as skill is already bad enough yet they still dumb down everything
7. Bad bad Townscreen, Yes, the soul of Heroes and they scraped them even after they finally add, they were really lack of creativity and imagination
8. Color use are overwhelmingly overused, especially on Dungeon, Inferno, and Necropolis
9. Inferno creature design are, well, lack of creativity whilst it the skill or the art design
10. 4 resource? really? It's TBS for god's sake and managing resource is part of the fun factor, yet another dumb down (are they trying to build game for 5 years kid? C'mon man!)
11. Core are too powerful at initial release, rendering Champion unit useless
12. Elite unit ALSO too powerful IMHO rendering Champion unit useless as well, lack of Elite dwelling? you can always convert everything, bam, easy win (but that's my opinion)
13. Copy paste units (Water Element vs Spring Maiden, Light Element vs Glory)
14. Radiant Glory

If you give me 2 more hours, I'm not even sure I will be done with the list.

yes, there are some part that I love about Heroes 6 but that is just minor compare to the problems/design problems that Heroes 6 experiencing. Like: much better creature design (art wise, especially love the Sanctuary), much better story (not really that great leap, but better than playing psychotic Queen on Heroes V).

08-25-2015, 01:17 PM
There Is No Method To Open The Developer's Console In Heroes Of Might And Magic 6 so It's Difficult To Play.