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01-27-2015, 12:23 PM
Hello am player frontier for some time ..
and I have many doubts and hope you can help me
already tried to email to ubi .. but no return
perhaps because I do not know how to speak English and it is difficult for people to understand my words of the translator google ...

I'm level 46 ..

first doubts maps open not missing many maps to be opened I know this because I looked on youtube maps and I do not have many clues and other lower level players already have ... what to do: ?? does not appear on wheels to play and win as much less option of award mining or anba .....

I have no more to do in the game to not be anba ... only anba ..
the daily mining caught ..the game itself says not be nescessario build the bridge because it will not block my progress but now the mining is being on the island and I have not used the bridge because the gems to buy clothes or update opponent ...
please help me

Make an effort to understand my words ..

thanks a lot

a Brazilian =)

01-27-2015, 09:39 PM
Hi landaotrutis,

Sounds to me like your Slot Machine and Loot Wheel has not unlocked all your Tracks yet. Other players have had that issue including myself. They should eventually pop out as a prize on the slot machine or the loot wheel, but it may take a while. What Tracks are you missing? There is a list of current bugs and glitches found here: Report-Your-Bugs-and-Glitches-for-iOS-Here! (http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/998879-Report-Your-Bugs-and-Glitches-for-iOS-Here!)
If your issue is not on the list, please post it to that thread and we'll look into it.

As for the Bridge to Expert Island, it's totally worth saving those Gems and Unlocking. Some of the most challenging tracks await you there, where you will learn new Techniques to make you a better Trials Player all together.

Let me know if this helped you out. :)


01-28-2015, 01:36 PM
Hello surely you helped me ...

I had already read this section of bugs ...

then the answer would be to wait until finally appear.
.what will not be a problem, because I like a lot of trials ...
but unfortunately not have more playing options not to be trying to overcome my times with anba ...

but we have the pvp but now I have another problem that surely. is not cultivated by the game. ..

in Brazil the internet 3g is far from good quality ..
then I do not I log in daily logs he did not take long and does not leave connect .. so even same missions of anba are difficult to upgrade

missing 4 days to end pvp .. I'm in position 3 but I am not getting connect losing many stars for not successfully achieve the revenge of time ..
hopefully soon have another

loved the option ...

thanks for the reply