View Full Version : XB360 [XB360] AC4 Cant Download Compatibility Pack 2

01-23-2015, 06:23 AM
so I bought AC4 3 days ago I played Singleplayer for a bit loved it and I got stuck on this annoying mission so I decided to go try out Mulitplayer and I needed to download the Compatibility pack so i left for the night came back in the morning and Compatibility pack 2 was at pending and wouldn't download so i canceled it and I was thinking that when I press "Go Online" it would redirect me to auto download the packs I was missing (Pack 2) but it didnt so I went to the game details looked at the Extras and i couldn't find Pack 2 in there was only able to find Pack 1 which I already have.:mad: Can someone please tell me how i can download "Compatibility Pack 2.