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  1. What's after "Extreme" difficulty?
  2. No Sync-Shot with deactivated HUD. Please Fix!
  3. Bug gameplay xb1 : Cover system
  4. Hoping for a Hardcore mode
  5. A couple of GR-WL AI fails
  6. "BUG" Report: Bullet Drop and Penetration of Camo Nets, fences, etc.
  7. Bad game mechanics
  8. [GLITCH] Deer Walking Thru Trees
  9. 2nd Character...
  10. Ubi, please fix the re-spawning SAM systems.
  11. REF: Dying earth costume and cigar won't select both anyone ideas?
  12. Digital Deluxe Pack emblems missing or never there?
  13. Load Screens with False Advertisement
  14. Wildlands feedback
  15. [BUGREPORT; FEEDBACK; SUGGESTIONS] How to improve Wildlands (new)
  16. Suspected,Hunted indicator is a bit ambiguous and rebel spotting
  17. re: THE FUTURE OF THE WILDLANDS (peanut gallery ideas)
  18. Where is the 'Rising Sun' tattoo?
  19. M4A1 extended Stock
  20. Afghan Map Expanison
  21. Stamina/Mobility Overhaul on Harder Difficulties
  22. DEAR Ubisoft.. We do NOT like the radio..
  23. Breaching Buildings & Clearing Dark Rooms: Add Breaching Charges-Shotgun/Flashlights.
  24. Really UBISOFT!!!
  25. Games are supposed to be fun...aren't they?
  26. What this game should've had from the start.
  27. Logitech Gaming Software Profile for Ghost Recon Wildlands?
  28. Just a friendly reminder: Flight controls are still awful.
  29. would be nice if...
  30. Spoiler-Free Review of Ghost Recon Wildlands with 100% Story Completion.
  31. How do you "sell out" of something digital?
  32. [SUGGESTION] Add Tension Music
  33. GRW 100+ hours...the frustration is real...but can be solved
  34. Game is becoming more and more unplayable due to bugs and poor optimization.
  35. So whats the word Ubisoft? We gonna see AI custimization or dont we?
  36. General Improvements and ranting
  37. [Suggestion] BDU uniform in future Store update
  38. Please don't give up on AI squadmates
  39. No mission available in Koani?
  40. [BUG ?] Language & Text Option at Start (XBOX)
  41. So many little things....that destroyes my experience
  42. One key for crouch + prone would be cool!
  43. Koani Mission Help
  44. Audio bug I haven't seen anyone mention
  45. [Suggestion] Adding a reason to replay all side missions.
  46. AI needs work
  47. Ubi, come on. You're better than that.
  48. Its sad that we dont have any choices and options on missions
  49. Audio using both Headset and speakers??
  50. Let's not ignore the elephant in the room, Ubisoft
  51. Ghost Recon Wildland's Bugs
  52. This game needs mod support!
  53. Are there going to be endless objectives?
  54. Bug Recon Wildland
  55. End Game???? DLC???? Info?????
  56. So what do we know about the "stop leveling/stuck" glitch so far?
  57. Open Question to Ubisoft: Is this why we cannot customize our Ghost Team?
  58. Maximum Level
  59. El Pulpo
  60. [FEEDBACK] - All pistols should have tritium sights as option.
  61. GRW Bugs to 100% Completion and suggestions
  62. [Simulation Mode] PLEASE COMMENT
  63. Bugs/suggestion list
  64. Night and day!
  65. Suggestion - Additional Alert Level
  66. Aeroplanes Vs. Helicopters
  67. Bugs, Glitches and fixes
  68. Some Friendly feedback
  69. Remove planes entirely from the game
  70. TASK FORCE TF45 crew ITA
  71. [GLITCH] Agua Verde Base
  72. Command wheel bug
  73. How do I............
  74. 2 small bugs
  75. Is advanced difficulty a serious step up from normal?
  76. Sizes of PvP matches
  77. Extreme Difficulty (No HUD, Markers or Minimap) PS4
  78. The unknown soldier
  79. Inconsistent difficulty in coop.
  80. Why Numbers Where Task Force Abbreviations Should Be?
  81. El Muro
  82. How many radios have you shot?
  83. Feedback: Sector Security
  84. Idea to include in game
  85. Longest Shot, what are you records Elite Ghosts??
  86. Q: Nvidia Ansel will it be available in co-op at a later stage?
  87. The Yeti
  88. tailing mission
  89. Game Mode Idea when PVP is Released
  90. Are the player stats glitched out?
  91. GRW my 2 cents
  92. Task Force Promotions
  93. pre order avatars with gold edition?
  94. List of feature request
  95. Dear Devs, over 100 hours in game, have an idea: 'Conquer All' mode
  96. AI Team has gone silent?
  97. love this game , but ....
  98. RECRUITMENT COMMAND achievement
  99. season pass not showing up?
  100. L85 Sight Bug
  101. I use silencer 2sec later AI know wher Iam???
  102. 4 vs 4 release date
  103. Whats with the in-game hate for Navy SEALS?
  104. Will Wildlands ever get?
  105. Vehicle Customization
  106. Please add the STD grenade launcher as a primary weapon option
  107. Camouflage colours do not match on all articles of clothing.
  108. This Review For Wildlands Is Too Much
  109. Future Soldier Pack Not Unlocking???
  110. Problem With Silencers?
  111. looking for task force and coop members
  112. Free ghost recon wildlands t shirt
  113. Get rid of reg. Intel!!! Please
  114. Mission progression
  115. auto save in the middle of a fire fight?
  116. Crevices and gaps
  117. Task Force tag issues
  118. I love the game. I really do, but....
  119. DLC Content
  120. AI team needs some work ASAP!
  121. Make shift Runways
  122. GRN / Unknown User Message still exists
  123. Bonjour tout le monde
  124. My 2 cents
  125. weapon stats
  126. Length of coop campaigns
  127. Developing immersion
  128. Team disconnected or Kicked
  129. Sometimes things go right
  130. Suppressor removal sometimes broken?
  131. Rebel Support: Please let us choose the power level
  132. Suggestions !
  133. Any word on a patch to turn off those radios?!
  134. Ammo
  135. Populace AI suggestion
  136. Is the game to easy?
  137. TAR-21 Wallpaper for your enjoyment
  138. **Please** allow me to disable enemy markers only, or add similar to difficulty setng
  139. nerf sync shot solo
  140. Night Vision Goggles.
  141. How to make Wildlands truly great: Part I
  142. Please rework Rebel Vehicle Drop
  143. Fast Travel to Player - Please Fix
  144. Description for weapon parts on the m ap is lacking
  145. Bolvian verbal comments
  146. Skills and Level...
  147. What to do after you finish the campaign.
  148. A drop of positivity in the ocean...
  149. Things to be removed in the game or change.
  150. Have they improved the ai when it comes to...
  151. GhostRecon Network-unable to "tag" task force members?
  152. Weapon sleeves
  153. Equipment versatility
  154. Can't continue onto next region?
  155. When will fix!?
  156. To All That Are Missing Documents for 'The Whole Story'
  157. Can we still request the rebels for an Armored Vehicle after upgrading to Helicopter?
  158. Whats the Differecne in the Standard GL and the M203?
  159. idea for improvement... Agree ?
  160. Need someone to help me start Madre Coca story missions! Xbox1
  161. Alarms not working in Coop?>?
  162. Thank you SSD!
  163. Ghost Recon WL AI Team mates...
  164. Is there a way to make the minimap point North at all times?
  165. In game store currency....
  166. Imbalanced ballistics Thread
  167. Choosing Vehicle drop
  168. GRW ending question (try to keep spoiler free)
  169. Longest Shot...World Record!?!
  170. Liberal assault on Ghost Recon Wildlands
  171. We need military time in game clock
  172. Yeti or NOT
  173. Alternative controls vs useless items
  174. Leveling skills noob question.
  175. Colorblind mode!
  176. Track suit, please!
  177. All save files lost. Keeps restarting me.
  178. Provinces in a certain order?
  179. I would pay someone to do this!
  180. BUG- El Pulpo, completion glitch
  181. Ubi, please add known issues
  182. Kidnapping Cartel Members (bounty) and Convoy Route
  183. Thoroughly enjoying this game - hope they fix the issues
  184. PS4: Looking for Players (No messing around)
  185. Does anyone else enjoy walking? [Video]
  186. Ghost Recon Network Site is bugged
  187. Ubisoft Store Items Missing?
  188. Co op issues again
  189. Scope and distance compensation MISSING!
  190. Agua Verde Bug
  191. What is everyone's favorite branch of the cartel to take down?
  192. More buildings
  193. game needs more clothes for female
  194. Netork Credit Rewards not showing up in game
  195. Where i can reclam Twitch Prime items ?
  196. Ghost recon network stats different characters
  197. The game often crashes!!!!
  198. Make story missions replayable
  199. Gimmick?
  200. @DEVS: Please fix M9/92 FS sound!
  201. Original Ghost Recon XBOX Player from 2002
  202. Unidad Ghost Pack
  203. Reset campaign while KEEPING gear & unlocks?
  204. 3 days 14 hours gameplay time...
  205. ETA on next patch?
  206. Got scammed out of the "Luger" pistol because I bought the pack BEFORE it was added?
  207. Convoys
  208. GR Network Tags?
  209. Coolest Dude in the Game
  210. Why does our "Elite Operator" throw away ammunition when reloading?
  211. Why no semi-auto or suppressor for Skorpion?
  212. FALLEN GHOSTS : Feedback
  213. shut up Shut Up SHUUUT UUUP!!!!
  214. Patch to Resolve Cannot Join/Invite on PS4/Xbox One
  215. Funny glitch: Pass through Gates on car exit:
  216. New Stock Animations
  217. See kills.
  218. season pass cost 38 $ WTF ubisoft?!
  219. C4 and mines - picking up
  220. New Store Content
  221. Why we hear so much repeated team dialogue
  222. Bug/Glitch (happened more than once)
  223. UBI, PLEASE, Radio, make a slide bar for it
  224. A question about co-op...
  225. Making Sync Shots More Fluid
  226. How to turn off annoying radio broadcast.....???
  227. Cover system and supressor issues on XBO.
  228. helicopter weapons
  229. Make addition ingame tacmap UI about which mission we completed without alerts
  230. HUD & Markers off... Sync Shot
  231. Ghost Recon Wildlands Pros/Cons
  232. Rainbow6 name being ruined by 3rd person view only
  233. Rebel Hideouts?
  234. We Need PvP Immediately
  235. Hello New to the forums
  236. In game purchases are disappointing and thus far a missed opportunity
  237. Dark Waters Book release and ingame character dialog feedback
  238. US unidad release?
  239. Enemy draw distance should be a graphic option!
  240. Top 5 things wildlands needs to add/do !
  241. What the HEdoublematchsticks!!!
  242. New difficulty? Ghost/Simulation/Operator
  243. Ubisoft please bring the lean function from R6 to Ghost Recon!
  244. "No Better Rebel"
  245. POLL!!! Make GRW pvp multiplayer like GRAW pvp multiplayer
  246. 2.4 GB update
  247. Still no proper HUD solution for Hardcore players :(
  248. Club action "Tricked out" doesn't unlock.
  249. Friends
  250. Are some missions not possible in single player?